Monday, July 3, 2017

Time is a Funny Subject

It was another good long with here! The weather was amazing for a few days! We had to pull out the summer clothes and sandals for a few days. #riogrande

We went to the temple! Woo hoo! I'll try to send pictures today! It was beautiful! 

What a blessing we have to visit the Lord's house.

But now as I sit here I'm thinking of what I can say to you with so little time. 

Time is a funny subject. It passes without our notice. The hours and minutes of the day. And we always finish our days and think, why don't I have more time?

It is for this reason the prophets always say that we have to use our time with wisdom or we will be as the White Rabbit. Always running and always late.

We have to make choices in this life and many times it isn't easy. Many times we wont have to choose between good and bad but between the better and the best. 

I want to send to you a thought or two for this week so that you can make these choices. 

Counsel with the Lord and do the best you can.
This is what He asks of us. That we try. And we make the best of it.
We have until the end of our life, and maybe we don't know when that is but we have this day at least to be and to be happy.

Ive thought a lot about the Be Ok Campaign these days and thought about this message and how it applies to the gospel.

Christ came and He gave His life in service of others. He suffered, so that we don't have to. He gave us a chance to be happy. To repent and to change and become

So I invite you all to do that. Repent and be happy. Change your life so that you can be who you want to be and who God wants you to be. Counsel with the Lord with all your heart and He will direct your path. Trust in Him and use your time as best you can to be ok. 

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