Monday, July 24, 2017

Hospital, IV's, and Miracles!

And the countdown begins. 

It is official. We have entered the last (and shortest) transfer of my mission I can't believe it too. 5 more weeks until American Consumerism as my dear friend recently reminded me on a postcard! As much as I want the day to arrive, I hope that it takes a lifetime to arrive! I'm just loving it so much here!

And the warm weather returned, so who can complain?! 

Today my companion, Sister Rebolledo went to Porto Alegre and in just a few days she will be headed home to Chile. The family that gave us a lift were also going to send their son out on a mission (curto prazo). Here Presidente Cruz can call up the ward families when there aren't a lot of missionaries and he can ask for them to send their sons and daughters with mission age who are waiting on their calls. they stay on the mission serving for a few weeks to fill the gaps in the mission field! 

Anyways, we waited a bit until my companion arrived and they took us out to lunch and then left us at home! It was so sweet of them! 

Updates from last week:
As you will see in my pictures this week there was another Sister with us. For the first time I was in trio! Wooohoo! Will explain!

So this last week Sister Rebolledo needed to do a few exams and since it was her last week we want to work our hardest, but the hospital is in Porto, so it would mean that we would lose a whole day of work!

So, since Sister Melo didn't have an area yet and was traveling around to help in the other areas we asked Presidente if she could stay with us for the week so that we could divide our forces.

He agreed!

And it was such a blessing. Because we were able to divide with members during the whole week and do much more than ever before but besides this I woke up a little flu-y Tuesday, and Wednesday my ears were a little stuffy and then Thursday I woke up reallyy, reallyyy sick. Like worse than I've ever been in a lonnnnngg time. 

6:30am I was ok. Everything normal.

8:00 car ride to the center of Guaíba for our reunion. 

9;00am I wasn't feeling super great. Asked for a blessing, participating in the meeting but still wasn't in tip top shape. Decided to head home early. I ended up having to stay all day with Irma Mara from the ward. She too was sick so we had a sick day sleeping on her couch and watching church videos. Sister Rebolledo and Sister Melo hit the streets. Knocking doors. Doing what missionaries do. I was feeling a little better during the day but sadly when they brought me home 9:30pm I got super carsick. They left me at home with strict orders to call their daughter and son-in-law if I got any worse so that they could take me to the hospital.

20 minutes later, 10:20, we called up Rodrigo and Amanda and informed our Presidente that we were headed to the clinic.

"If you're going to be sick, wait till you get inside the clinic. They'll attend you faster that way!" -Rodrigo

Well, as he signed in my name I put up a good front, but let's just say it's a good thing that I had a popcorn bucket. Within one minute of him writing out my name at the receptionist they called my name and Sister Melo and I went to the triagem. Within a few minutes in the triagem they sent me to meet with the Doctor and in just a few more minutes they sent me back to medicine. And let me tell you, that waiting was fullllll of people. I would have had to wait the whole night, but the Lord was watching over us.

11:00 pm: The nurse started pulling out a bunch of glass bottles and needles and I just couldn't help but think, "Wait a minute, gente, I only have two arms. How will I take so many shots??" 
"Dont worry," She explained, "These are just for the IV"

Que bom.

11:10pm: I learned what it feels like to have an IV. Let me tell you, in a cold sterile environment, a even colder IV entering your bloodstream isn't the coolest thing, no. Sister Melo distracted me with stories from the mission and her own hospital experiences and we just chatted about the good things and the bad things that I missed as I stayed on Irmã Mara's couch during the day.

She helped me a bunch. I think I will always be grateful to Sister Melo for everything that she did for me that day. It was a pleasant day but she at least helped me pass it!

12:30am we were headed home

1:00am teeth brusehd, pjs on, lights out.

7:30am wake up call. Time to work. 

I had to eat rice and banana for lunch and just watch everyone eating the good stuff haha

During the rest of the week I got much much better and was able to work normally. I will never forget the cruel day that I passed.

But I will also never forget Nilza's baptism. It was so special. She is the sweetest old lady that actually stopped US in the street and asked us to visit her friend. But then she started to have interest in our message and wanted to hear too!

The best part of all is that Junior, our RC, bore his testimony. I asked him to explain about His baptism and it was the coolest thing ever. The next day he blessed the sacrament!!! 

Truly a mission is a place of miracles. There are many things that I will never forget.

As I told my dearest friends: 
This time is too precious to waste and too amazing to let pass by. Serve every day with everything that you've got. Love everyone that you meet. Be willing to accept the Lord's will and trust in His ways. Sometimes it will seem that the world is against us. But remember that it was this way with one young prophet when he knelt in a grove to pray.

Sometimes dark forces will fight against us and pesquisadores will cut us, but remember that the light will come and the miracles will happen and the heavens will open.

In fact, the heavens are counting on you. So don't be afraid. Just go and do. 

Well, now I will do as I wrote.

I will go and do as the Lord commands.

Sister Hemmert

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