Monday, July 31, 2017


How can it be. how can it be. August!

I want to let you all know that I'm of good health. I hope you got a kick our of my other letter, knowing that I'm healthy and happy can help us all put behind us the embarrassing stories from the mission:)

How can it be. how can it be. August!

This was one lonnnng week. I will be honest and tell you that it was a week of trials and lots of walking in the hot sun. They told us in May that winter would arrive in June. In June they said that certainly winter would arrive in July and now they are saying, 'It's official, winter arrives in August.'

I think they don't know what they are talking about, I just wait and see what happens! For now, I'll be using sandals.

I'm loving this area, in spite of the fact that many of our pesquisadores decided that they didn't want to hear more about the gospel this week. It was hard to hear that and we worked super hard to find new people to teach. Everything was going a little bit sideways when Saturday rolled around and our baptism almost didn't arrive for her baptism we got a little worried.

But as she left the water the relief on her face was visible. Juliana.
When she entered the bathroom soaking wet and freezing (because the water heater broke. oh Rio Grande do sul) we hugged her and cried with her in joy. She just said "I'm so happy." over and over.

Then Sunday morning rolled around and the presquisadores starting rolling in too! The church was filled with people and the spirit was so strong. I just couldn't stop looking around and think, what a blessing. What a blessing!

The Lord is Good. And it's the only thing I can say.

Love you all,

Sister Hemmert

Monday, July 24, 2017

His Love For Me Must Be Great!

This letter was actually sent to Ashley as a personal letter, but the message is so spiritually inspirational that she would like to share it with all of you. 

Relief Society: I know that the Liahona from a few months ago was dedicated to the RS. You could look at a few of the articles and see what they say! (On your ipad you can pull up the liahona) but I suggest you buy a subscription for our house too!

****During the mission I have grown to love the RS. I have been able to see how it truly has an impact on the world. Even in the little things as visits and warm hugs and smiles. The women in the RS have a strength because of the gospel.

I had a cool experience the other day in the RS class also. I remember in the beginning of the mission it was really hard to understand the classes because everyone talks differently and quickly. I tried as best I could to participate but most of the time I could only listen and try to understand. 

What did I see during this time observing you might ask?

Women of God. Servants of a King and Daughters of the Father. 
Many times as you observe you will recognize the strengths and weaknesses of others. You will see how people vary one from the other. You will also recognize how every person looks at the world a little bit differently from the other. But as I sat listening for months I began to see a special difference in these women. 

They come from different backgrounds, have different ages, and live different lives, but as in a graphing process the women in the RS follow the same wavelength or pattern. The same path. They have the same goal: Eternal Life.

To reach this goal they don't talk bad about others, or excluded one another. They don't see the weakness in others (and if they see these weaknesses) their only goal is to strengthen their sisters.

This is done, as I said, through the simple things. Visits and hugs and smiles. Kind words and quiet gestures. Tender mercies. 

They other day I realized, as I was commenting in a RS class, that I had reached a point that I could not only understand these women and hear them but that I could help and participate in their discussions and teach them with my own words in their language. 

I feel truly blessed because of my mission. Truly blessed to know that I am a daughter in the kingdom of God. That He provided for me this opportunity is sometimes unimaginable. I think, ''His love for me must be great. Who am I to deserve all this?'' Then I remember what I learned and learn in the RS. I remember who I am. Truly. And who I can become. 

I invite you to think on this and remember that you too are His child and have a great potential. Trust in Him and His promise;

D&C 50: 40 Behold, ye are little children and ye cannot bear all things now; ye must grow in grace and in the knowledge of the truth. 41 Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world, and you are of them that my Father hath given me; 42 And none of them that my Father hath given me shall be lost. 43 And the Father and I are one. I am in the Father and the Father in me; and inasmuch as ye have received me, ye are in me and I in you. 44 Wherefore, I am in your midst, and I am the goodshepherd, and the stone of Israel. He that buildeth upon this rock shall never fall. 45 And the day cometh that you shall hear my voice and see me, and know that I am. 46 Watch, therefore, that ye may be ready. Even so. Amen.

Sister Hemmert  

Hospital, IV's, and Miracles!

And the countdown begins. 

It is official. We have entered the last (and shortest) transfer of my mission I can't believe it too. 5 more weeks until American Consumerism as my dear friend recently reminded me on a postcard! As much as I want the day to arrive, I hope that it takes a lifetime to arrive! I'm just loving it so much here!

And the warm weather returned, so who can complain?! 

Today my companion, Sister Rebolledo went to Porto Alegre and in just a few days she will be headed home to Chile. The family that gave us a lift were also going to send their son out on a mission (curto prazo). Here Presidente Cruz can call up the ward families when there aren't a lot of missionaries and he can ask for them to send their sons and daughters with mission age who are waiting on their calls. they stay on the mission serving for a few weeks to fill the gaps in the mission field! 

Anyways, we waited a bit until my companion arrived and they took us out to lunch and then left us at home! It was so sweet of them! 

Updates from last week:
As you will see in my pictures this week there was another Sister with us. For the first time I was in trio! Wooohoo! Will explain!

So this last week Sister Rebolledo needed to do a few exams and since it was her last week we want to work our hardest, but the hospital is in Porto, so it would mean that we would lose a whole day of work!

So, since Sister Melo didn't have an area yet and was traveling around to help in the other areas we asked Presidente if she could stay with us for the week so that we could divide our forces.

He agreed!

And it was such a blessing. Because we were able to divide with members during the whole week and do much more than ever before but besides this I woke up a little flu-y Tuesday, and Wednesday my ears were a little stuffy and then Thursday I woke up reallyy, reallyyy sick. Like worse than I've ever been in a lonnnnngg time. 

6:30am I was ok. Everything normal.

8:00 car ride to the center of Guaíba for our reunion. 

9;00am I wasn't feeling super great. Asked for a blessing, participating in the meeting but still wasn't in tip top shape. Decided to head home early. I ended up having to stay all day with Irma Mara from the ward. She too was sick so we had a sick day sleeping on her couch and watching church videos. Sister Rebolledo and Sister Melo hit the streets. Knocking doors. Doing what missionaries do. I was feeling a little better during the day but sadly when they brought me home 9:30pm I got super carsick. They left me at home with strict orders to call their daughter and son-in-law if I got any worse so that they could take me to the hospital.

20 minutes later, 10:20, we called up Rodrigo and Amanda and informed our Presidente that we were headed to the clinic.

"If you're going to be sick, wait till you get inside the clinic. They'll attend you faster that way!" -Rodrigo

Well, as he signed in my name I put up a good front, but let's just say it's a good thing that I had a popcorn bucket. Within one minute of him writing out my name at the receptionist they called my name and Sister Melo and I went to the triagem. Within a few minutes in the triagem they sent me to meet with the Doctor and in just a few more minutes they sent me back to medicine. And let me tell you, that waiting was fullllll of people. I would have had to wait the whole night, but the Lord was watching over us.

11:00 pm: The nurse started pulling out a bunch of glass bottles and needles and I just couldn't help but think, "Wait a minute, gente, I only have two arms. How will I take so many shots??" 
"Dont worry," She explained, "These are just for the IV"

Que bom.

11:10pm: I learned what it feels like to have an IV. Let me tell you, in a cold sterile environment, a even colder IV entering your bloodstream isn't the coolest thing, no. Sister Melo distracted me with stories from the mission and her own hospital experiences and we just chatted about the good things and the bad things that I missed as I stayed on Irmã Mara's couch during the day.

She helped me a bunch. I think I will always be grateful to Sister Melo for everything that she did for me that day. It was a pleasant day but she at least helped me pass it!

12:30am we were headed home

1:00am teeth brusehd, pjs on, lights out.

7:30am wake up call. Time to work. 

I had to eat rice and banana for lunch and just watch everyone eating the good stuff haha

During the rest of the week I got much much better and was able to work normally. I will never forget the cruel day that I passed.

But I will also never forget Nilza's baptism. It was so special. She is the sweetest old lady that actually stopped US in the street and asked us to visit her friend. But then she started to have interest in our message and wanted to hear too!

The best part of all is that Junior, our RC, bore his testimony. I asked him to explain about His baptism and it was the coolest thing ever. The next day he blessed the sacrament!!! 

Truly a mission is a place of miracles. There are many things that I will never forget.

As I told my dearest friends: 
This time is too precious to waste and too amazing to let pass by. Serve every day with everything that you've got. Love everyone that you meet. Be willing to accept the Lord's will and trust in His ways. Sometimes it will seem that the world is against us. But remember that it was this way with one young prophet when he knelt in a grove to pray.

Sometimes dark forces will fight against us and pesquisadores will cut us, but remember that the light will come and the miracles will happen and the heavens will open.

In fact, the heavens are counting on you. So don't be afraid. Just go and do. 

Well, now I will do as I wrote.

I will go and do as the Lord commands.

Sister Hemmert

Monday, July 17, 2017

PowerPuff Girls Learn How to Roll With the Punches

Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.

 This is our life sometimes. We learn how to roll with the punches.

This whole week we had been trying to teach Júnior. Júnior is a young man that we met knocking doors (? dont know how to say that in english). 

The first time that we visited this house his mom attended and was super friendly. She told us to come back another day because she was super busy. When we revisited we met Júnior. Turns out that he is friends with a RC named Roxana and has already visited the church a few times. 

He was visiting another church for a while but decided that it wasn't the place for him and stopped going. It was in this time that he recognized that he needed to find the truth but where he was at wasn't true.

He accepted to be baptized during the first visit.

During the week it was almost impossible to teach him because it turns out that his mom doesn't like us very much! (Or at least we thought so) And we could only teach him outside the house and every time we arrived she almost sent us away. 

When it came to signing the baptism record we prepared and marked an appointment, but when we arrived she was leaving the house with Júnior. 

She didn't even stop to greet us but left Júnior behind! 

We didn't know what to do. His baptism interview would start in one hour (5:00) and we didn't even have the record signed! We gave it to him and said, "Protect this with your life and have your mom sign it!" To explain, he always told us that she supported his decision, but we were a little nervous that maybe she wouldn't support it after all. He told us that he would do his best to arrive in time for the interview.

Well, we went to visit Plan B and afterwards when we were rounding the corner of the church we saw him, seated on the curb, waiting with the record in hand!

But this isn't all, we discovered during his interview that his mom is a member! 

Say what?? I had marked on the record that she wasn't, sooo, we had to go back to Junior´s house and get her signature again! What if she didn't sign it again? What if she told him no??

After the interview we ran to his house and awaited anxiously (outside) to talk with his mom. 

After minutes that seemed to last forever she came outside to greet us and explain that she was really busy with her other kid who has 3 years old and a lotttt of energy. She explained that she supports his decision and that she will do her best to arrive at the baptism!


Day of the baptism:
Many members arrived! Young men and women, leaders, bishop. 
It was amazing. 

From the first song and prayer to the the last piece of cake served it was an experience I will always remember.

The speakers were truly inspired and explained that they would be like father´s to Júnior. We sat behind Júnior and his mom, and after the baptism, his mom wouldn't stop looking at him and hugging him.

She even explained during the last talk that she was so proud of him. As a single mother she had always tried to do her best and she could truly see during this moment that he was choosing the right path. 

The Spirit was so strong during this reunion.

I will always remember it.

I'm so grateful for experiences like this one. I'm so grateful that we were led to Júnior. Other missionaries already taught him actually. They had visited a few times to visit with his mom but had invaded their personal space and it was because of this that Solange (his mom) didn't want to talk with us at first. 

But I know now that we were sent to find him and help him. 

As he prepared for his baptism interview we explained the questions that would be used. I asked him if he had received a response to his prayers and smiling he said, "I think so. I was reading the scriptures yesterday before bed and I prayed. During the night I had an interesting dream."

"About what? Would you like to share with us?"

"I dreamed that I was being baptized. And now I know."

And now I know. 

The Lord responds to us. He answers our prayers.

Even when we don't think He is listening, He is. Trust in Him and He will direct thy path. 

-Sister Hemmert

p.s. Im in trio!! Sister Rebolledo, Sister Melo e Sister Hemmert. We are basically the power puff girls here to save the world. Don't know what Presidente was thinking because we will just have too much fun this week! Actually, I know exactly what he was think because we will baptize everyone this week!

love you xoxoxo 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Surgery, Obedience, and Blessings

Just another week of miracles here. Another week flying by too fast! 

As you will see this week I went to the doctor. I had to do a little tiny surgery on my foot (ingrown nail ew)...and to do this he had to give me 8 shots of anesthesia which was literally the worst part! the worst is that my comp was in another surgery (endoscopia) and so I was all alone having to confront my biggest fears. Needles and other sharp things!

But now I'm better! I didn't follow the doctors orders and stop working because lets be honest it's just boring having to sit and I prefer sitting in a pesquisadores house much more than my house! I did however rest for a few hours don't you worry your pretty little hearts, I'm obediente. 

Because obedience brings blessings. Truly. The Lord knows the promises that He makes with us. He knows our covenants and when we pull through and follow His commandments, He. does. too. 

He will always come through. Maybe we think that we are all alone, facing our biggest fears. But I promise you that we are not alone. There was one who fought our battles. And He fights with us still. 

His name is Christ. He suffered and descended below everything so that we could know that in the moments of deepest trouble and sacrifice and fear, He. is. with. us. 

And never will He leave us alone or afraid. 

Trust in Him and keep His commandments. 

D&C 58:31 Who am I, saith the Lord, that have promised and have not fulfilled?

D&C 82: 10.I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Time is a Funny Subject

It was another good long with here! The weather was amazing for a few days! We had to pull out the summer clothes and sandals for a few days. #riogrande

We went to the temple! Woo hoo! I'll try to send pictures today! It was beautiful! 

What a blessing we have to visit the Lord's house.

But now as I sit here I'm thinking of what I can say to you with so little time. 

Time is a funny subject. It passes without our notice. The hours and minutes of the day. And we always finish our days and think, why don't I have more time?

It is for this reason the prophets always say that we have to use our time with wisdom or we will be as the White Rabbit. Always running and always late.

We have to make choices in this life and many times it isn't easy. Many times we wont have to choose between good and bad but between the better and the best. 

I want to send to you a thought or two for this week so that you can make these choices. 

Counsel with the Lord and do the best you can.
This is what He asks of us. That we try. And we make the best of it.
We have until the end of our life, and maybe we don't know when that is but we have this day at least to be and to be happy.

Ive thought a lot about the Be Ok Campaign these days and thought about this message and how it applies to the gospel.

Christ came and He gave His life in service of others. He suffered, so that we don't have to. He gave us a chance to be happy. To repent and to change and become

So I invite you all to do that. Repent and be happy. Change your life so that you can be who you want to be and who God wants you to be. Counsel with the Lord with all your heart and He will direct your path. Trust in Him and use your time as best you can to be ok. 


Flight Itinerary HAS ARRIVED!!!