Monday, October 31, 2016

"Eis que terminaremos a luta" (Here we will finish the fight)

This week the emails were a bit of discussion on Sister Hemmert's choice of when she will choose to return home: 

First email: So they don't have a transferenica sending missionaries home in September next year. Only in August or October. 

I'm going to think about it because if I go home in August it means I can start fall term. But I think it will be like the last week in August so I wont have much time at home, or anytime at home. idk. or I'll go home in October and miss fall term.

Either way I think we need to look into the stuff for school. I don't know when I need to start applying. I just remember that I started this process around this time of the year. 

What do you think? 

Second email, in response to me expressing my love and support in whatever she decides, although 14 years is NOT OK...:)
Thanks momma. I needed to hear this. I'm so excited to chat with you in December! I think it will be a good refresher for me:) I think I will pull an Ammon and Alma and stay serving for 14 years then ;) JKJKJK!

Final decision email, Be Still My Heart: 
I'm having a lot of mixed feelings, and I will talk with my Presidente but I think I need to stay until October. It's a really hard decision because I will not only be missing time with Ashers and you all, but I think if I come home in August I wont be fulfilling what I need to do here. 

To be honest this week was really hard. Im missing you all a bunch and I dont feel entirely certain or prepared for my decision but I was reading a lot today and yesterday in Alma. Alma 41-45. Also Acts 20. I love these chapters. I really love Alma 43. Its a chapter that is really sad but also really powerful because these people they were so small in numbers but were fighting for such a better cause. They were fighting for their freedom and their families. Their religion and their God. I felt like I was fighting everyday this week but still unable to see any of the fruits of my labors. But I know that I am in the Lord's service. I know this. I need to believe it. And I feel it in my bones. And because if this I know that He is working with me. Laboring at my side. And as it says in Alma 44:5. For me this work is worth the costs because it isn't just about me but it is about you all at home. It is for you and the boys. It is for our family. Our freedom. Our religion. Our God. 

Maybe I don't know what awaits me or how I will do this (Acts 20:22-23), how I will face the challenges that await (Acts 20:24) "But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God."

The Apostle Paul served for three years and a lifetime at the Lord's side. Acts 20:31, "Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears." 

Acts 20:35, "I have shewed you all things, how that so laboring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive."
It is more blessed to give than to receive, said Him who gave His life for me. After this, the Apostles knelt in prayer, biding farewell to their friend, accompanying him to the ship. 

So, I knelt in prayer. And I hadn't said a single word when a scripture entered my mind. "Eu Irei e cumprirei os ordens do Senhor." 1 Nefi 3:7  "I will go and do." 

And just to confirm all of this. Minha companheira picked "Vinde Ó Santos" number 61 the Português Hinário. Tudo bem. (Come Come Ye Saints. All is well.)

Still this is hard decision I am making. It means that I still have a year before I see you all again. But I know that I have something I need to do here. I have a labor to complete. And I want to complete it with Joy. I want to complete it for you and our family. For our freedom and our God. Alma 44:10 "Eis que terminaremos a luta." (Here we will finish the fight)

So, this is my decision. I will be staying mais uma transferência (another transfer) until October. I don't know what you think. If you think it is possible. I know that I will be asking for more help to accomplish this, but I know that we all will receive because of what we are giving. And I'll keep talking with Deus (God) to find out if He will change His mind, but I don't believe He is a changeable God. And thank goodness that He isn't, because we wouldn't have so many blessings if He was. :) 

I know that He is transforming me into an instrument in His hands. I know that through me He will work a work maravilhosa for the children of men. And the least i can do is try everyday to be "digna" worthy of the confidence He has in me.

Então. É isso. Eu vou ficar até Outubro! (So. It is. I'm going to stay until October.)
Bah. Português:) Como eu amo. Sabe que é bem mais fácil falar em Português do que Inglês? ;) 
(How I love. You know it's much easier to speak Portuguese than English) 

All my love, 
Sister Hemmert

Monday, October 24, 2016

"Sister Knows What's Best"

This week flew by. I cant believe that my little brother officially has 15 anos! Can anyone else believe it??:) Happy Birthday little man!! 

Anyways, this week i got a taste of summer in Rio Grande do Sul and i will be honest: I'm scared;) As the Gaucho says, "When it's hots, it's hot enough to cook an egg inside the fridgerator!" I thought it was just on the pavement... haha! Thankfully summer is only a few months right? And then we'll be in winter again! 

So our mission has a new directive that we need to work a lot with the youth here. To be honest it's a privilege to work with them and support them. The Young Women here are seriously amazing. Though we only have 6 girls in the YW program they make an effort to visit our pesquisadores with us every single day of the week. It is such a blessing to work with them! 

This other day we were in Splits with one YW, Gabriela, who Sister Abdon nicknamed Pocahontas, visiting some people. Gabi and i were visiting with a pesquisadora Suzanne who's husband has 15 years less active. We are working a lot with them to help him return to church because Suzanne real wants to be baptized and have the whole family na igreja (at church). We are planning their wedding for this next month:) 

Anyways, we were visiting with her and ending up reading Enos. Afterwards, Gabi was so excited. She turned to me when we were leaving and said, "When we were teaching I want to tell you to read Enos with her but I thought, Nah. Sister knows whats best."

I love when the youth here have spiritual experiences in the missionary work. It is such a testimony builder for them and I know it will be another reason for them to serve a mission of their own! 

Afterwards I taught Gabi the importance of listening to the spirit. Everyday I learn this lesson and am trying every moment to really hear the Spirit in my life.

Yesterday, 20minutes before the sacramental, I was asked to give the last talk. Imagine me. I take normally 2 weeks to write a talk, in English, and I there I was, "Uh,,,,pode ser!" 

I ended up talking with them about exactly this: the importance of the Spirit, and the presence of the Lord in His holy house. 

I feel His presence in my daily life. I know His power is real. I know how much He loves each and everyone of us and I know that He is guiding my life so that I can serve Him every day more. Alma 5:45-46 

Com amor! Sister Hemmert  

Monday, October 17, 2016

It's Raining, It's Pouring, But the missionaries aren't snoring!

From now on I will try to translate the Portuguese sprinkled throughout Sister Hemmert's letters- my translation will be in parenthesis in (BLUE) because sometimes Lauren will translate in paranthesis :)

It's Raining, It's Pouring, But the missionaries aren't snoring! 
The Lord is hastening the work and flooding our little town with bencãos (blessings)

I will start with yesterday, just because yesterday I was truly, truly happy. We've been having a lot of rainstorms recently and yesterday morning we had to wake up extra early to wake up our pesquisadores (investigators) who live super far away to walk with them to church. Well, the day was looking great when we left the house 7:10 to catch a bus for the Bairro Ivo Ferronato without raincoats and umbrellas. Well, 7:20 it started pouring. As Sister Abdon says, "Só São Jorge esta fazendo uma faxina no ceu." (Something about cleaning the sky? :)

Though pouring rain we were sincerely happy in the service of the Lord. Having had a baptism yesterday of the darling Tainara we could not be more happy. We were singing "Que Manha Maravilhosa" (What a Wonderful Morning) na rua (in the street) and having the best of times.

As usual, I dont have much time but i want to say how grateful I am for this work. It is truly A Obra do Senhor (Lord's work). And I want to share with you all a verse from my Presidente this week. D&C 10:5 We can all be "Vencedores" (I dont know what it says in ingles! haha) (WINNERS) We all have within us the potential to do all things and overcome all things. Our Savior is with us and we are working in His vineyard. Então (So), He will help us overcome all things. 

With love!
Sister Hemmert

P.s. To be honest minha companheira (my companion) snores alot! :) haha jkjk 
Tainara and Lucas Bagesteiro Dos Santos, Membro

What a day!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Bem Vindas Bage! (Welcome to Bage)


I will start with saying that i love this area so much that I never want to leave. And this was just after one week! 

My new companion is Sister Abdon from Recife. She is amazing. Literally I love her so much. I'm learning so much with her and know that we will have an amazing transferencia! She is a professinal cook and has travelled Brasil cooking in some of the most beautiful resorts. She is 38 and has 11 months na missao, in this time she learned how to read and is practicing every day to learn how to write. She is an inspiration!  

The members here are amazing and this area reminds me so much of Arroio Grande! There is so much potential here. I wish i could film every moment of my mission because there are just so many things I cant explain! But just know that I'm completely happy here! 

We are working a lot with the youth here and had an activty this saturday with the Young Women and it was so much fun! They played a game called Disney or Doctrine that had a bunch of phrases from profetas and from Disney films! It was so hilarious and honestly difficult! 

Our new pesquisador, Alessandro, and menos ativa, Luciana, got married this week! 

Anyways I read this week the JS-H 1:21-26 and i want to say for everyone that i know this is true also and it is something I can not deny. Read and treasure. I promise that you will feel the spirit testifying for you also. 

Finalmente, BABY NAMES FOR MY SOBRINHO Im a tia!!

*a list from the people i have met during my mission whole already know their names are super unique

I will think about more names this next week 

Com amor,

Sister Hemmert

"This day was seriously insane and I didnt have time to change my sandals or my dress or anything! or get ready. It was super hot this day and then in the middle of everything it started pouring!! I was with a member in divisão and a car passed by and splashed water all over her and me! haha but all in all it was an amazing day and doesnt matter that everyone got to take a bath in the street because Tainara got to also, but in the best way possible! #Batismo The next step is her whole family! Amo esta menina"

Monday, October 3, 2016

Trust in His Spirit

This week we didn't get much of a letter as Sister Hemmert was moving to a new area. We did get a few pictures and she also was able to enjoy General Conference and so excited to see her good friend Sister Becca Gunn singing with the missionary choir! Becca is currently in the Provo MTC and headed to the Nicaragua, Managua mission where our good friend Elder Logan Morrison is also serving! I have such awe and amazement in these children and their willingness to serve the Lord. This week I will share a letter Sister Lauren Hemmert wrote to Elder Morrison who was searching for guidance on how to be the best missionary he could, while learning a new language. I think this letter has good advice for all of us. I know my personal testimony has been strengthened by it.

"Dear Elder Morrison:

1st, stop speaking English. I know. What? How? You're probably in a district there with a bunch of Americans and everyone is "trying" to speak spanish, but it's nearly impossible. Start sitting with people who speak Spanish during lunch. Start asking questions. Don't worry about making mistakes. Just start talking. Little by little. My MTC experience was a little different because I was already in Brasil and had to start communicating with Brasileiros, but you can use this same thing with the people there. 

2nd. Read O Libro de Mormon. Read one verse in Espanol and after the same verse in english until you don't need the English version. You'll start to notice how the gramatica makes a verse more meaningful in Spanish than in Ingles. I think it was a prophet who said that if you read the OLDM in another language cover to cover you'll be fluent. I can testify to this. I've been reading for 6 months in Português, I still have a lot of work, but I have a dom do linguas for real. 

Our artist is still sketching....:)
 3rd. Stop praying and starting talking. Prayer is a conversation with our Heavenly Father. Starting talking with Him. Make a plan and present it to the Lord as the Brother of Jared. The Lord is ready to bless you. He has blessings waiting, all you have to do is ask and starting acting. Seek: THE GIFT OF TONGUES, Interpretation of Tongues, and the gift of Discernimento (descernment? I cant rembmer how to spell in English.)  
4th. Practice! Everything. Lessons, questions, prayer, your name, how to say different words, How to say Eu sou uma missionaria da Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias. (I dont know this in Spanish.. ha) 

5th. Memorize. (Flash cards you can put them in your scriptures that you will carry in the street for proselitismo and study where ever you go).

6th. Have no fear. Trust in the Lord. Trust in His spirit to guide you and help you learn this language, teach His children. You will be able to teach them not only in their language, but also HOW they need to be taught. You will know how they understand and they will understand you. The gift of tongues is a two way street.

So excited for you and I know you have many people awaiting your voice. They are prepared and waiting. All you have to do is find them. In the Lord, all is possible. 

Boa Sorte! (Good Luck!)
Sister Hemmert"