Monday, October 24, 2016

"Sister Knows What's Best"

This week flew by. I cant believe that my little brother officially has 15 anos! Can anyone else believe it??:) Happy Birthday little man!! 

Anyways, this week i got a taste of summer in Rio Grande do Sul and i will be honest: I'm scared;) As the Gaucho says, "When it's hots, it's hot enough to cook an egg inside the fridgerator!" I thought it was just on the pavement... haha! Thankfully summer is only a few months right? And then we'll be in winter again! 

So our mission has a new directive that we need to work a lot with the youth here. To be honest it's a privilege to work with them and support them. The Young Women here are seriously amazing. Though we only have 6 girls in the YW program they make an effort to visit our pesquisadores with us every single day of the week. It is such a blessing to work with them! 

This other day we were in Splits with one YW, Gabriela, who Sister Abdon nicknamed Pocahontas, visiting some people. Gabi and i were visiting with a pesquisadora Suzanne who's husband has 15 years less active. We are working a lot with them to help him return to church because Suzanne real wants to be baptized and have the whole family na igreja (at church). We are planning their wedding for this next month:) 

Anyways, we were visiting with her and ending up reading Enos. Afterwards, Gabi was so excited. She turned to me when we were leaving and said, "When we were teaching I want to tell you to read Enos with her but I thought, Nah. Sister knows whats best."

I love when the youth here have spiritual experiences in the missionary work. It is such a testimony builder for them and I know it will be another reason for them to serve a mission of their own! 

Afterwards I taught Gabi the importance of listening to the spirit. Everyday I learn this lesson and am trying every moment to really hear the Spirit in my life.

Yesterday, 20minutes before the sacramental, I was asked to give the last talk. Imagine me. I take normally 2 weeks to write a talk, in English, and I there I was, "Uh,,,,pode ser!" 

I ended up talking with them about exactly this: the importance of the Spirit, and the presence of the Lord in His holy house. 

I feel His presence in my daily life. I know His power is real. I know how much He loves each and everyone of us and I know that He is guiding my life so that I can serve Him every day more. Alma 5:45-46 

Com amor! Sister Hemmert  

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