Monday, October 3, 2016

Trust in His Spirit

This week we didn't get much of a letter as Sister Hemmert was moving to a new area. We did get a few pictures and she also was able to enjoy General Conference and so excited to see her good friend Sister Becca Gunn singing with the missionary choir! Becca is currently in the Provo MTC and headed to the Nicaragua, Managua mission where our good friend Elder Logan Morrison is also serving! I have such awe and amazement in these children and their willingness to serve the Lord. This week I will share a letter Sister Lauren Hemmert wrote to Elder Morrison who was searching for guidance on how to be the best missionary he could, while learning a new language. I think this letter has good advice for all of us. I know my personal testimony has been strengthened by it.

"Dear Elder Morrison:

1st, stop speaking English. I know. What? How? You're probably in a district there with a bunch of Americans and everyone is "trying" to speak spanish, but it's nearly impossible. Start sitting with people who speak Spanish during lunch. Start asking questions. Don't worry about making mistakes. Just start talking. Little by little. My MTC experience was a little different because I was already in Brasil and had to start communicating with Brasileiros, but you can use this same thing with the people there. 

2nd. Read O Libro de Mormon. Read one verse in Espanol and after the same verse in english until you don't need the English version. You'll start to notice how the gramatica makes a verse more meaningful in Spanish than in Ingles. I think it was a prophet who said that if you read the OLDM in another language cover to cover you'll be fluent. I can testify to this. I've been reading for 6 months in Português, I still have a lot of work, but I have a dom do linguas for real. 

Our artist is still sketching....:)
 3rd. Stop praying and starting talking. Prayer is a conversation with our Heavenly Father. Starting talking with Him. Make a plan and present it to the Lord as the Brother of Jared. The Lord is ready to bless you. He has blessings waiting, all you have to do is ask and starting acting. Seek: THE GIFT OF TONGUES, Interpretation of Tongues, and the gift of Discernimento (descernment? I cant rembmer how to spell in English.)  
4th. Practice! Everything. Lessons, questions, prayer, your name, how to say different words, How to say Eu sou uma missionaria da Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias. (I dont know this in Spanish.. ha) 

5th. Memorize. (Flash cards you can put them in your scriptures that you will carry in the street for proselitismo and study where ever you go).

6th. Have no fear. Trust in the Lord. Trust in His spirit to guide you and help you learn this language, teach His children. You will be able to teach them not only in their language, but also HOW they need to be taught. You will know how they understand and they will understand you. The gift of tongues is a two way street.

So excited for you and I know you have many people awaiting your voice. They are prepared and waiting. All you have to do is find them. In the Lord, all is possible. 

Boa Sorte! (Good Luck!)
Sister Hemmert" 

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  1. I LOVE THIS GIRL!! What incredible advice she has! These kids amaze me so much! It makes my heart burst with pride and joy!! Thank you for sharing this :)