Monday, September 26, 2016

Grand Opportunities

Can you believe that 6 weeks have 
already flown by? We are officially entering October folks! 

Significado: General Conference!! This will be my first General Conference in Portugues! It will definitely be an adventure having to watch Presidente Monson talk but hear a translator, but one way or another it will be amazing! I can hardly believe it was 6 months ago that I was in the CTM listening to Conference! 

This week went by so quickly I hardly remember what happened! 

We have two recent converts here, Alan(13) and Liane(10), siblings and they are seriously the sweetest! I love them like my own siblings! We had Family Home Evening in their house the other night and had assigned them to put it together and if we arrived and they needed help we would, but they literally did everything. They even bought a little bolo and juice with some of their birthday money! Which was such a surprise but they were so excited with all the preparations they had done! And we were also. They taught us about prayer and afterwards we played a couple games and one involved me being blindfolded and having to eat a spoonful of whatever they offered and guess what it was! Sister Agurto was fasting so she got off easy!;) 

I was thinking that though they taught us a lesson that they had come up with themselves, they taught me something else through their actions. 

They're parents aren't members and at first they weren't supportive. Now they are, but still I think of how great these kids are. They go to church every Sunday alone and participate in every activity they can. They are such an example for the youth here and still they are hungry for the gospel. They study the scriptures together and always have questions for us about how they can keep the commandments. They are an example for me. I've been a member all my life. All my family is in the church. But these kids, alone, have a firmeza na Igreja eu nunca tinha. 

Oops. Sometimes my brain forgets how to use english.

They have a strength in their testimony and actions that I never really had. I always knew it was true, but it wasn't until I was older that I really sought a testimony of my own. 

I'm so grateful to be here. Teaching and being taught by these people. There is so much to learn in the world and so much more to learn in the gospel. 

This is a grand opportunity in my life. I'm trying every day to use every moment to learn and grow. And this is my challenge for you all back home. Use every moment of this life to become a better person and remember the Person who gave this opportunity. 

All my love! 
Sister Hemmert

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