Monday, September 19, 2016

We Plan and God Laughs

I dont have much to report on this end because i blinked this week and it was already gone! 

I told Nana how I'm in need of a massage. We think that the Sisters who were here before us were jumping on our beds and broke them. Well, the other night i was sleeping and...crack! My already broken bed basically split in half (seriously, bed, I really haven't gained any weight ;) ) 

Thankfully after 5 weeks the assistant in the mission home bought new beds that will be arriving this week! I love camping, but sleeping on a mattress on the floor is starting to be one trial demais ;) jkjk

Schedule me a massage for the second monday in september, 2017! :) 

2017! how fast time flies! 

These weeks are passing so quickly. I almost don't have time to do everything I want to! I'm remembering more that little phrase, "We plan and God laughs," but with a doutrinal twist. As we learn from the Brother of Jarede, the Lord is willing and waiting to help us, but we have to come up with the plan and the goals, present them for the Lord, ask for what we need and afterwards...start working. There is no waiting in the work of the Lord. He is truly hastening the work. How patient is He with us, workers in His vineyard, who don't know yet that He is already laboring. Through Him we can be transformed, we can be instruments in His hands. 

The progress here in Rio Grande is slow going. We are really trying to find the balance here but this area is, Rio Grande do Sul, to tell the truth is built upon the sand. Our hope, our faith, and our work is in laying a sure foundation for growth here. We are in the work of conversion, helping not just investigators, but members, active or not, have this real change of heart that comes through the gospel.

I don't have an time left but I want to leave you with a quote from a youth speaker in our ward this week,
"Even the stars, in all their brilliance, aren't infinite, but we are."

We are of a substance divine, we have a divine potential. And through the Atonement of Christ we can be and do all. 

With all my love,
Sister Hemmert

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