Monday, October 10, 2016

Bem Vindas Bage! (Welcome to Bage)


I will start with saying that i love this area so much that I never want to leave. And this was just after one week! 

My new companion is Sister Abdon from Recife. She is amazing. Literally I love her so much. I'm learning so much with her and know that we will have an amazing transferencia! She is a professinal cook and has travelled Brasil cooking in some of the most beautiful resorts. She is 38 and has 11 months na missao, in this time she learned how to read and is practicing every day to learn how to write. She is an inspiration!  

The members here are amazing and this area reminds me so much of Arroio Grande! There is so much potential here. I wish i could film every moment of my mission because there are just so many things I cant explain! But just know that I'm completely happy here! 

We are working a lot with the youth here and had an activty this saturday with the Young Women and it was so much fun! They played a game called Disney or Doctrine that had a bunch of phrases from profetas and from Disney films! It was so hilarious and honestly difficult! 

Our new pesquisador, Alessandro, and menos ativa, Luciana, got married this week! 

Anyways I read this week the JS-H 1:21-26 and i want to say for everyone that i know this is true also and it is something I can not deny. Read and treasure. I promise that you will feel the spirit testifying for you also. 

Finalmente, BABY NAMES FOR MY SOBRINHO Im a tia!!

*a list from the people i have met during my mission whole already know their names are super unique

I will think about more names this next week 

Com amor,

Sister Hemmert

"This day was seriously insane and I didnt have time to change my sandals or my dress or anything! or get ready. It was super hot this day and then in the middle of everything it started pouring!! I was with a member in divisão and a car passed by and splashed water all over her and me! haha but all in all it was an amazing day and doesnt matter that everyone got to take a bath in the street because Tainara got to also, but in the best way possible! #Batismo The next step is her whole family! Amo esta menina"

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