Monday, October 17, 2016

It's Raining, It's Pouring, But the missionaries aren't snoring!

From now on I will try to translate the Portuguese sprinkled throughout Sister Hemmert's letters- my translation will be in parenthesis in (BLUE) because sometimes Lauren will translate in paranthesis :)

It's Raining, It's Pouring, But the missionaries aren't snoring! 
The Lord is hastening the work and flooding our little town with bencãos (blessings)

I will start with yesterday, just because yesterday I was truly, truly happy. We've been having a lot of rainstorms recently and yesterday morning we had to wake up extra early to wake up our pesquisadores (investigators) who live super far away to walk with them to church. Well, the day was looking great when we left the house 7:10 to catch a bus for the Bairro Ivo Ferronato without raincoats and umbrellas. Well, 7:20 it started pouring. As Sister Abdon says, "Só São Jorge esta fazendo uma faxina no ceu." (Something about cleaning the sky? :)

Though pouring rain we were sincerely happy in the service of the Lord. Having had a baptism yesterday of the darling Tainara we could not be more happy. We were singing "Que Manha Maravilhosa" (What a Wonderful Morning) na rua (in the street) and having the best of times.

As usual, I dont have much time but i want to say how grateful I am for this work. It is truly A Obra do Senhor (Lord's work). And I want to share with you all a verse from my Presidente this week. D&C 10:5 We can all be "Vencedores" (I dont know what it says in ingles! haha) (WINNERS) We all have within us the potential to do all things and overcome all things. Our Savior is with us and we are working in His vineyard. Então (So), He will help us overcome all things. 

With love!
Sister Hemmert

P.s. To be honest minha companheira (my companion) snores alot! :) haha jkjk 
Tainara and Lucas Bagesteiro Dos Santos, Membro

What a day!

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