Monday, July 17, 2017

PowerPuff Girls Learn How to Roll With the Punches

Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.

 This is our life sometimes. We learn how to roll with the punches.

This whole week we had been trying to teach Júnior. Júnior is a young man that we met knocking doors (? dont know how to say that in english). 

The first time that we visited this house his mom attended and was super friendly. She told us to come back another day because she was super busy. When we revisited we met Júnior. Turns out that he is friends with a RC named Roxana and has already visited the church a few times. 

He was visiting another church for a while but decided that it wasn't the place for him and stopped going. It was in this time that he recognized that he needed to find the truth but where he was at wasn't true.

He accepted to be baptized during the first visit.

During the week it was almost impossible to teach him because it turns out that his mom doesn't like us very much! (Or at least we thought so) And we could only teach him outside the house and every time we arrived she almost sent us away. 

When it came to signing the baptism record we prepared and marked an appointment, but when we arrived she was leaving the house with Júnior. 

She didn't even stop to greet us but left Júnior behind! 

We didn't know what to do. His baptism interview would start in one hour (5:00) and we didn't even have the record signed! We gave it to him and said, "Protect this with your life and have your mom sign it!" To explain, he always told us that she supported his decision, but we were a little nervous that maybe she wouldn't support it after all. He told us that he would do his best to arrive in time for the interview.

Well, we went to visit Plan B and afterwards when we were rounding the corner of the church we saw him, seated on the curb, waiting with the record in hand!

But this isn't all, we discovered during his interview that his mom is a member! 

Say what?? I had marked on the record that she wasn't, sooo, we had to go back to Junior´s house and get her signature again! What if she didn't sign it again? What if she told him no??

After the interview we ran to his house and awaited anxiously (outside) to talk with his mom. 

After minutes that seemed to last forever she came outside to greet us and explain that she was really busy with her other kid who has 3 years old and a lotttt of energy. She explained that she supports his decision and that she will do her best to arrive at the baptism!


Day of the baptism:
Many members arrived! Young men and women, leaders, bishop. 
It was amazing. 

From the first song and prayer to the the last piece of cake served it was an experience I will always remember.

The speakers were truly inspired and explained that they would be like father´s to Júnior. We sat behind Júnior and his mom, and after the baptism, his mom wouldn't stop looking at him and hugging him.

She even explained during the last talk that she was so proud of him. As a single mother she had always tried to do her best and she could truly see during this moment that he was choosing the right path. 

The Spirit was so strong during this reunion.

I will always remember it.

I'm so grateful for experiences like this one. I'm so grateful that we were led to Júnior. Other missionaries already taught him actually. They had visited a few times to visit with his mom but had invaded their personal space and it was because of this that Solange (his mom) didn't want to talk with us at first. 

But I know now that we were sent to find him and help him. 

As he prepared for his baptism interview we explained the questions that would be used. I asked him if he had received a response to his prayers and smiling he said, "I think so. I was reading the scriptures yesterday before bed and I prayed. During the night I had an interesting dream."

"About what? Would you like to share with us?"

"I dreamed that I was being baptized. And now I know."

And now I know. 

The Lord responds to us. He answers our prayers.

Even when we don't think He is listening, He is. Trust in Him and He will direct thy path. 

-Sister Hemmert

p.s. Im in trio!! Sister Rebolledo, Sister Melo e Sister Hemmert. We are basically the power puff girls here to save the world. Don't know what Presidente was thinking because we will just have too much fun this week! Actually, I know exactly what he was think because we will baptize everyone this week!

love you xoxoxo 

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