Monday, July 10, 2017

Surgery, Obedience, and Blessings

Just another week of miracles here. Another week flying by too fast! 

As you will see this week I went to the doctor. I had to do a little tiny surgery on my foot (ingrown nail ew)...and to do this he had to give me 8 shots of anesthesia which was literally the worst part! the worst is that my comp was in another surgery (endoscopia) and so I was all alone having to confront my biggest fears. Needles and other sharp things!

But now I'm better! I didn't follow the doctors orders and stop working because lets be honest it's just boring having to sit and I prefer sitting in a pesquisadores house much more than my house! I did however rest for a few hours don't you worry your pretty little hearts, I'm obediente. 

Because obedience brings blessings. Truly. The Lord knows the promises that He makes with us. He knows our covenants and when we pull through and follow His commandments, He. does. too. 

He will always come through. Maybe we think that we are all alone, facing our biggest fears. But I promise you that we are not alone. There was one who fought our battles. And He fights with us still. 

His name is Christ. He suffered and descended below everything so that we could know that in the moments of deepest trouble and sacrifice and fear, He. is. with. us. 

And never will He leave us alone or afraid. 

Trust in Him and keep His commandments. 

D&C 58:31 Who am I, saith the Lord, that have promised and have not fulfilled?

D&C 82: 10.I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.

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