Monday, January 23, 2017

Our Fall Was Grand

I felt that way this whole week momma. So we were at least fighting together instead of alone! haha This week was tough but it ended really really well. We aren't accomplishing everything I want to be accomplishing but we are working really hard.

I don't know why but we aren't baptising. I have 2 transferências now without a baptism. And the members here are becoming less active more quickly than we are reactivating. Grr. My English is terrible. I don't even know how to speak anymore. haha

We are trying a bunch of new ideas. Activities. Family home evenings for the ward. Everything. But we have a couple areas that are really distant from the church and many members (active and inactive) live there. So they won't go to the activities if we have them in the church. And the people close to the church wont go to the activities if we host them in this area called Ivo Ferronato/Malafaia. So we decided to hold the family home evenings in the church one week and in the Ivo the next week so that everyone can have a chance. 

Emerson (Recent Convert), who's Mom, Rosangela (pesquisadora), offered his Lancheria(Sandwiches and Hot dog Place etc). To tell the truth Rosangela offered it, but said that the people need to understand that we aren't opening a church in her garage! haha 

Rosangela actually starting visiting the church in the last couple weeks for the first time during my time here in Bagé! When I saw her I almost cried with happiness! 

We are really hoping to strengthen this area and the people here, but we are also hoping to reactivate and baptise here because this area, this ward needs people. Needs new members and new ideas. We are hoping and praying and throwing ourselves into the work. 

This week was crazy. Hectic. I tried to take money out of the bank and was rejected! haha I planned a perfect week and had to throw my plans out the window so that I could do division with a Sister Trainer for a couple days and my companion had to go to a different area and then we had to travel to Pelotas (3:30hrs away) and spend a bundle of Reais to visit a surprise conference for trainadoras. It was wonderful. Dont get me wrong, but we lost 3 days of work this week traveling and doing all of this. Last week we were the best Zone of the Mission, This week our fall was grand. 

But, in the end, everything led to one visit. One lesson with one person. T

This week we entered a new area that I never really worked in before. A fraction of the city that is almost in the middle of our area but we always passed by trying to enter the most distant part where our members live. Well, Sister Aranha and I decided, lets start working here a bit more. Ok. 

We went there yesterday with some young women from the ward. Prayed, and divided. I started knocking doors (clapping my hands in the front yard because thats how we do here in Brasil :) ). 

As we were walking I saw a man sitting under a tree, but in the moment I didn't want to invite him. I thought, I need to invite people but he's really far up the other road. I'll invite him when we pass by afterwards. 

Anyways, I starting visiting with a woman, Cleusa, who afterwards sent me to visit exactly with this man. If I had invited him first I wouldn't have met Cleusa, but also, I wouldn't have met Jaqueline.

As we were returning and I don't have time, but she is a less active, who will be moving tomorrow. But her and I cried yesterday feeling the spirit testifying for us that this is the Lord´s church. Please keep her in your prayers so that she can feel your comfort!

Love you all! Thcua

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