Monday, February 6, 2017

100 Reais

This week we had a major rule change and we´re all still trying to figure out what it is they changed! haha. 

Some missions can sleep in more and enter their house earlier and sleep earlier, and then you have us. Porto Alegre, Sul. 6:30 wake up call, 10:30 sprinting for bedtime because we still dont have enough hours in the day, confused because they didnt really explain any of the new rules that apply to us. Oh well! 

They held a conference in the USA and broadcasted for the world. It was wonderful. They 

This week was one of those weeks. Difficult and perfect and miraclous and sleepless and well worked. 

I will start with a short story about two Sister Missionaries who were walking, contemplating their poverty and all the activities and Ward Family Home Evenings which they would need to plan and provide cake and pop and stuff when one Sister, who we will call Sister H. (to respect the privacy of the real life individual) noticed something blue, light blue. Maybe a little tiny bit green just a few steps in front of her. And as it turns out, as she approached she stepped right on top of....R$100. 

Yes it is true, I can't keep their identities in secret much longer. It was Sister Aranha and me. Walking down an empty street when we stumbled upon (literally stumbled upon) 100 reais. We stared down at my foot right on top of that bill and couldn't believe our eyes. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I don´t think I deserve so many blessings assim, but I sincerely hope and pray that whoever lost this money is being blessed much more than we were blessed. Trust in the Lord and know that He is taking care of that person who helped a whole ward have an activity!

I wish I had time to explain every single blessing that we received and tell you how we found a whole street of families to teach or how we held a series of family home evenings to strengthen our members or how we ate so many yummy cakes this week! haha But I just don't have time! I love you all. Wish you all well!

Pray for Rosangela! We weren't snooping or anything because she had it set on top of the microwave, but we saw that she had a medication to help her stop smoking! Woohoo! Love her so much. Also pray for Emerson her son! He is a recent convert praying to serve a mission! I promised him that he could send his papers out this month if he really focused. The real problem is his old work, they didn't pay him so he is working with the justice force (haha) to go out!

Tchau! Beijo!

Sister Hemmert

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