Monday, February 13, 2017

Birthdays, Cake, and Baptisms!

Wow. I dont have time. Firstly, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! I'm truly feeling your love from here! It was so great to hear from you all and know that everyone is doing well! 

To let you know, for my birthday we had a wild pday. We stayed at home and slept because we we're exhausted! haha It was wonderful. Wish granted! It's very rare to rest on the pday. 

As you will see in the file attached, we had quite an experience this last week! To explain better than the Elders explained in the journal haha: 

Eliane is one of our pesquisadoras that we have here. She is amazing but during her life she has passed many experiences we can not even imagine. She started to explain during our visit and I did not have a a response for her. I couldn't even think of a scripture that could truly help her. And so, I prayed. I opened the scriptures and had marked in Alma 22:14-16. I had her read the verses and the room filled with the spirit. Crying she recognized that through the Lord's power, because of the atonement she could repent and receive forgiveness. It was the most spiritual lesson I have ever given. Because it was me. Its never me that talks, but the Lord. I'm a just an instrument. I just say and do what He commands. This is His work and His gloria and I'm living it for Him. 

The last week of the transfer we had three baptism for our ward! Technically speaking it was the baptism for the Elderes, but this family visits our ward because the Grandma (wife of the patriach) Leda, lives here. 

Marili, Francielen, and little Felipe. It was so incredible to see them getting baptized after so much time. Marili´s kids, Nayara and Taoan are members (teenagers) here. They work with us every week, visiting our pesquisadores. I'm so truly happy for them and their chance to see their mom being baptized. 

This week we had a activity for the YM/YW. Scavenger Hunt with selfies. It was awesome! Even Marili stayed and played along. Running with the teenagers with flipflops! haha They had to do some tasks like sweep a strangers house and fit the most people in a car. Ask for a cup of water from a stranger and invite a stranger to church. Well, one group, (the group that had two of our pesquisadores) decided to go above and beyond. They asked for a cup of water in the same house that they swept. Afterwards they asked to use the peoples car, invited the couple to enter the car with them and take the photo!! Then, they invited them to church! The only problem was that it was raining cats and dogs and turns out they tracked sand in the house and car of the couple! 

Looks like the next week they'll need to return to the house and do a service project! At least the couple was nice about it!

The coolest part was that our pesquisadores, Thales(18) and Dinnifer(12) invited people to visit the church! Milagres são reais!

Dinnfer gave me a necklace for my birthday! And then gave a hair thing to Sister Aranha, it was super cute, "Aqui, eu nem uso! :)" "Here, I dont use this" is what she said! haha

I also ate so much cake this week that I never want to see cake again! haha But I'm super happy. This week we had many happy experiences and we're super excited to enter the new with even more opportunities! 

Love you all! 

Sister Hemmert

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