Monday, February 27, 2017

The more it rains, The more HANDSOME your husband will be!

Wow. To say it as simply as possible. This week flew by!! 

It just a few days I will have one year on the mission. Who can believe it?? 

This week I had 4 companions; Why you might ask? Well, they decided, Sister Hemmert is nice, she'll be able to handle 4 changes in one weeks time. She'll be able to handle running across Bagé to pick up her companions and running back to her area to work. I served with a Brasileira, Chilena, and an Americana. Sounds like the start of a Dad joke: There was a Brasileira, Chilena, and an Americana eating at a restaurante....

Anways, we had a divisão with our Sister Leaders and Sister Aranha went to Pelotas for the week. One day I will tell you all about her adventures. How she was attacked by frogs, peed on by a dog, and had to help people hunt for their furniture because it flooded there. 

Luckily our only problem here was flooding! We were headed out, ready to cross a field when we felt a couple raindrops. Not a problem a little rain doesn't hurt. They always say that we getting rained on on the mission our husband gets more handsome! haha Weeeelllll,, the sky opened up and the thunderclouds rolled in and we started running, "Volte Volte!! Go back, go back!!" I yelled for Sister Wright (Utah). Luckily Thales and Diennifer lived super close by! We sprinted for their house and ended up giving an amazing lesson with them about the Word of Wisdom.

THis week we're working really hard to help our Pesquisadores follow the Word of Wisdom. I'm working a lot with Rosangela. She smokes a lot. Like a lot. 

And this week she finally said that she wants to stop. Now she just has to decide to stop. It will be a battle. But we are doing everything. Everything, to help her.

I read today a talk by Jeffrey R Holland that said, "You can change." Repentance isn't a punishment, but a process to feel more the love of God. We need to repent. We need to recognize that the Lord truly loves us and wants us to be the best that we can. We can change. He will help us. The only person that wants you to remain the same, wants you to believe that you can't survive your difficulties is the adversary. He knows your weakness. But only your weakness. The Lord gave you this weakness and knows not only your weakness but also your strengths. He knows who you can become and will help you become this person. Someone divine. Trust in Him. Love Him. and follow His commandments. 

with love
SIster Hemmert

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