Monday, March 6, 2017

One YEAR Mark!

To the people I love! I'm doing great here. Still in Bagé. Looks like I'll be staying for a bit more! Transfers will occur soon but I do not have a desire to leave here just yet! So many wonderful things are happening and my companion is seriously the best on the planet.

This week it's official. I have been out on the mission for one year. How the time just flies by. I'm amazed by the days that pass by and am so grateful for the time that I still have.

Yes, I'm missing you all. I will never stop missing the people back home. Today I passed the Policia Federal to pick up on identidade (which they didn't have yet) and I started chatting with the people at the front desk. They asked me where I'm from, if I thought portugues is difficult, if I was missing my family and so on. 

After one year I can officially say that the end is arriving but I don't want it to come! I'm loving so much this place, this mission, these people.

It rained the whole week and we were almost swimming to make it to our visits and lunches. The Fall time storms have arrived but we are just dancing in the rain. Because as the rain falls I feel the blessings shower not just on us but on the people that we teach. I'm truly grateful. 

I have little time, but I would like to end here with a promise. This is the Lord's work. He is our God. He does not change nor does He lie. So trust in Him and give to Him everything your worth because in His hands you will learn that you can do more and are worth more than you can even imagine. He. loves you. You are His child. So, don't worry, be brave. This is at least what I am learning.

With Love,

Sister Hemmert

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