Monday, March 13, 2017

This week was amazing! Absolutely amazing. So lets start with the past week.

So I hurt my toe this last week. To tell a very long story in just a few lines. I had an ingrown nail. So I went to a foot doctor. He was hilarious. Like the Cole Johnson of Podólogas. He talked with me the whole time saying that I could yell at him and call him names if I wanted but the only person I couldn't drag into the conversation was his mom. "Just leave my mother out of this!"

Unfortunately, the situation didn't get better. I was limping everywhere and hurting so I marked another visit. Turns out you should let your foot rest after a mini surgery.  

Round two was worse than round one. I cried a little bit and my companion became me living cane afterwards. The same night, Presidente Cruz sent us to the UPA (clinic). Luckily its located on the same street as our apartment. I just needed to be anti-biotics but we arrived 9 hours there and left 11. Sister Aranha and I felt like we were in Grey´s Anatomy. If you sit long enough there you could just feel the drama bubbling hahah jkjk

Anyways, I stayed one day with Irma Nair in splits. Sister Aranha hit the streets with her spidy powers to fight crime and call the people unto repentance.  

This week was all the International Womens day. When I went to pick up my meds I got a free bombom! :) 

Sister Aranha and I were also stopped in the street by a homeless man who might have been a little bti drunk. He stopped us like a mime(?) in silence and when we tried to pass by he blocked our path... Well, we thought we would be mugged for the first time ever... Nope! He wished us Happy Womens Day and gave us a letter he wrote about how special are the women in the world. When I tried to put the letter in my scriptures, becuase i was still trying to running away he plucked it from my hands saying "NOO! Not in the bible! I'll just have to read it for you!" His name was Falcão and his dog, Sophia. Thankfully, help arrived in the form of Elder Bombardeli e Ixtacuy. They almost left us there but a Sister Aranha stopped them with her spidy powers. She threw her arm in front of them so that they couldnt pass by! haha

What a moment.

To finish we finally had a baptism this week! The sweetest most intelligent Young woman ever! Dienifer! She is wonderful! Sister Aranha will be sending the photos! My camera died! Anyways, Dienifer is amazing. She talked all about how she wanted to get baptized because she just couldn't wait to start doing Personal Progress! She already started the goals and projects and today we are going to pass by to work on Divine Nature with her! 

Que felicidade! 

Oh! Guess what! Elder Christoferson(?) spelling in a hurry!)! will be visiting our mission this week! WOO HOO! We are headed to Porto Alegre friday to meet with him Saturday! 


Love you all!

Sister Hemmert

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