Monday, March 20, 2017

To state it simply. This week was amazing. It started great and ended great and I literally can not believe that we are already starting a new week!

To be honest I don't remember much of what happened at the beginning of the week. I know that it was great also, but I would like to use this time to focus on some of the miracles, prayers answered, and blessings given. 

I will start by testifying to you that here on this earth we have prophets, seers and revelators. Here on this earth we have witnesses of God and His majesty. Here on this earth we have people, prepared and preparing us, to live with God one day. To be the best people that we can be. I know that this church is true. I know that there is only one true church and one God. One Father and One Son who are One in purpose here. 

This week we were told to pack our bags. #roadtrip. 
Sister Aranha and I were a little sad because we would be losing a whole weekend of work because we would be headed to Porto Alegre Friday. Don't get me wrong, we wanted to go but we had a problem: 

Wednesday we found a family, Juliana and Izolda, when we were splunking with the Spirit in our area. Literally we were finding new streets in our area, exploring when we came upon a house with two women sitting in the yard. We deciding to visit with them and it turns out that they had just moved to this house and that they had arrived running from their past home in another area in our Zone. Where they lived was a situation dangerous. A area that the other sisters would never find and this family would never have felt really the Spirit. So when we started visiting with them it was a miracle. 

We have new rules in our mission so in order to make new pesquisadores we have to visit them two times. Well, we marked with this family to visit Friday. Wednesday night we found out that we would be traveling all day Friday!! Well we decided, lets just try to find them at home tomorrow and maybe they will let us visit again. 

When we arrived it didn't look like anyone was home. It was raining. We were clapping our hands at the gate and no one came to the door. Three times we waited. Three times for the Spirit to testify. 

And the door opened! They told us how they had read 3 Nephi 18 about the sacrament and we explained the Gospel of Christ. They excepted to be baptized in April!

Friday, we went to the police station before our Zone Meeting. I had to pick up my identity card so that I could travel, but it they had told us that maybe they didn't have it yet. When we arrived they had the card!! Woo hoo! Miracle.

After our zone meeting we ran to our lunch appointment. We ran into the Irmã on the way! haha She was picking up our lunch and so we helped her home. When we arrived her back patio was filled with stray chickens. Her patio is like a 10X20 foot space built into the ground because on booth sides her neighbors houses have inclines. Well, the neighbors chickens had jumped the wall and just didn't want to leave. Sister Aranha and I started hunting chickens. Most of them decided to scale the wall and fly over the top but there was just one that was determined to stay. When I finally caught him I didn't know what to do! His wings were flapping and Sister Aranha was screaming and so I just threw him up and over the wall! hahaha 

To thank us Irmã lurde served our plates.... I tried to explain to her that I eat very little Feijão (a bean dish here that is super heavy that they eat every single day...) Weeelll,,, Irmã Lurde just said, ´´Nooo,, you work too hard and need energy.´´ as she served three times more Feijão than i normally eat! haha oooh vida

Afterwards we sprinted to the church to take the van to Porto Alegre. 7 hours of Elder Bombardeli and Sister Aranha singing in my ears later ;) Misericórdia (Mercy)! We arrived! We hung out in the mission office for a bit before heading to the apartment of the sisters in Ala Dois. By the end of the night the apartment had more Sisters than rooms! 12 Sisteres! The whole mission was heading to the conference!

Saturday we got ready, got lost, got found again and finally made it back to the mission office so that we could take another bus to Porto Alegre Norte! Yes, we left our mission!

There we waited quietly as Elder D. Todd Cristofferson arrived. 
We filed by every single missionary in our mission and the other, shaking his hand one by one. As he read my nametage he looked me in the eye and said, Hemmert. That's a good name. 
I don't think I'll ever change my name now. Sorry future husband, I won't be taking your name now! haha

Afterward members of the Seventy, their wives, Sister Cristofferson and Elder Cristofferson taught us exactly what we needed to hear. Exactly what I needed to hear.

I will pass for you my notes in the following letters but what I will always remember is that an apostle of the Lord blessed me. Blessed my mission. Blessed my family and promised me that the Lord was accepting the work I'm doing here. The Lord is protecting me with His angels. Guiding me to testify and accomplish everything He has called me to do.

Well, the Lord called me to serve again in a new calling.
Sunday morning we received the transfer. This time directly from our Presidente.
´´Happy Birthday, Sister Hemmert!´´
´´Its not my birthday, Presidente.´´
´´Íts not...Welll I think someone is trying to trick me then!" (Laughter) Sister you are being called to serve as the new Sister Training Leader. Happy Sunday! Pack your bags."

Yesterday I said goodbye to Bage after 6 months and traveled ALONE!!! With a phone... to Pelotas. But I arrived and called the only number I remember (the number in Bage!) haha and quickly was picked up by my new companion. Sister Ampuero. 

I'll be serving in Capão de Leão, the only city I know that has circles for streets. What an adventure it will be! I'm so excited. 

And guess what! The Sisteres I'll be taking care of will be the Sisters in Bage!! Wooo hoo! I'll be able to visit my old area and my best friend on the whole planet Sister Aranha!! 

Im nervous and excited. I know that the Lord will help me. His very servant told me so. 

Love you all, 
Sister Hemmert

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