Monday, January 9, 2017

Mission Changes

Today I have 10 months! I climbed the mountain and now I just have to reach the summit! 

So grateful for this New Year. Can hardly believe that we entered 2017. It's so weird to say. 

These days of training are passing so quickly. We had a district meeting this week and our Presidente arrived to interview everyone. We had a bunch of changes in the mission. Actually, the whole mission world changed a little bit. Our nights got a little bit more time to sleep and our mornings lost a little bit of study. Our Pday will officially start 9:00! But it is official, gente, it is now a commandment that we have to excercise! haha At least a Sister and I had already started our workouts and stretch.. Now we just have to start actually running! haha:) 

We'll have a bit of an adjustment period from now on but I'm really excited. It will be nice to have a couple more minutes to rest during the night. It never feels like we have time to eat and plan and prepare and sleep. But now we will have time for everything! Que benção (What a blessing)

I had an interview with my Presidente this week and told him that in this heat I'm really missing the snow back home because my family is sending so many photos of snow haha. He told me not to worry and that, "Uour family is just becoming more white and you are becoming "morenona" negra:) hahaha!

We had an amazing fast meeting this week. I was thinking about my first fast Sunday on the mission with Sister Aranha. The last time she fasted she´d been at home. And here i am, with only 8 more fast Sundays. How time flies.

I feel so blessed during this time and know that this work is real. Real and absolutely blessed.

Love you all.
Sister Hemmert
P.s. I need the email from all the missionaries in our stake that i know :) Thanks!

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