Monday, January 16, 2017

Best Zone in the Mission!

Wow. This week was amazing!
This week we worked super hard so that our zone could be the best of the mission! And guess who was the best Zone on the Mission?? Ours! Woo hooO! 

I dont know if I ever explained, actually I'm certain that I didn't explain, but we have a Pattern of the Week that we have to meet every week. Uma Padrão de Fé, Visão, e Milagres. 

So every week we we have to have:
10 Baptism Dates
20 visits with members present 
10 other visits
10 pesquisadores progressing
10 Referals
10 Referals contacted
15 New Pesquisadores
10 Visits with Members (recent convert or member less active)
140 Conversations/invites with people 
12 Families taught

We have a few other things that we have to do to achieve this pattern but it's a pattern alto, established by the Lord so that we can fortalecer our Wards here and baptise with perference every week. 

This week almost every single number was reached by our Zone! It was amazing. 

We have some things we need to improve still but it was amazing receiving the blessings everyday.

Two times this week our pesquisadores had dreams with me and received the answers they were looking for. Sounds a little strange but its a milagre on the mission :) 

One time we had to walk a super super long road under a sun to bake 2 Sister Missionaries in the street when a pesquisadora and her coworker passed by and offered a car ride a couple miles down the road! 

One Pesquisadora (mom of a RC) arrived at church sunday morning! Woo hoo!! It was amazing to see her this week there for the first time in 3 transfers! In the 4 months I have here, we hadn't visited not even one time! 

One of the families that we are teaching lived super close to our house, which was great, but they had to move. But guess where they are living now?? The SAME ROAD AS THE CHURCH! haha Just a few houses away from the Bishop. Yep. What a blessing.

And so many more blessings that I dont even have time to tell you. So excited. 

These next few weeks will just get better. Were super excited and fasting and praying that everyone that we are teaching will have the desire to live this gospel truth. 

Super grateful this week.
Love you all!

Sister Hemmert

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