Monday, June 6, 2016

If Any Of Ye Lack Wisdom...

This week has been nothing less than hilarious. We literally laughed our entire walk home last night. I'll explain in a bit.
Sister Knuth and Sister Hemmert

Let's start with Segunda (Monday). We have this investigator, Lucia, who's daughter, Juliana(11) is a recent convert and all their family are members of our little Ramo(branch). Last week we had family home evening there to help them make this a tradition in their family. This last Monday it was Juliana's turn to give the message and we were a little apprehensive because she is a little shy. Her message was about the Restauração and it was amazing. She used the questions and scriptures in the back of the pamphlet for her lesson and explained everything with just a beuatiful understanding and testimony! Afterwards we had some cake (more like half a cake because Lucia kept serving us and finally we really had to refuse, though it was delicious!) Today is Lucia's turn to teach the lesson and it will be on a Palavra de Sabedoria. It turns out though, one of the reasons she picked it is because she thinks the picture of the Profeta José Smitch é muito bonito! Ha!  

The Backpacker
As we were returning from our reuniao de districto we were just finishing paying the Onibus attendant when a man in the seat in front of us asked, "Our one of you American?" We ended up chatting with this backpacker, Mark, from Seattle. He had just entered Brasil from Uruguay because you no longer need a visa to enter the country. His family were members when he was younger, but the left the church when he was three. We ended up sharing with him our testimonies about the Book of Mormon (Which Sister Knuth happened to have in english!) and then when we arrived in Arroio Grande we invited him to listen to a lesson about the gospel. We all got off the bus and headed for the Igreja where we taught him about the Restoration (in english). I discovered that after three months, my english is a little rusty! Ha it was difficult to express everything without slipping in a few portugues phrases! 

I suppose I'll never know what happened with him. He had told us how he felt purposeless and how he had always wanted to get closer to the church but his problem was with Joseph Smith. He actually knew a lot about the church because he has many friends that are members. He said they would be happy to know he had finally received missionaries! Ha! I hope in some way we helped him and this message was able to reach his heart. I know that the only way to truly know these things is to read and to ask. So we gave him the Book of Mormon and we promised him this. If any of ye lack wisdom, let him ask of God. 

Oh bummer. I cant share my funny stories! I don't have time. But I just want to leave with how grateful I am to be serving here. This place is truly amazing. Every day I love it more.

I guess you'll just have to wait in suspense for what hilarious events happened in the life of Sister Hemmert. Tune in next time for the update:)
As always, all my love X
Sister Hemmert

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