Monday, May 30, 2016

Count My Many Blessings

Where there's rain, there's thunder. 

Not literal thunder this week, but seriously some incredible blessings. 

So, I will preface this very short letter (because I have have very little time. Oops!) with how grateful I am for this work and for the blessings I receive every day. 

I've been thinking a lot about blessing these past couple days because to be honest, this week was very difficult. When it started that is. My accent in Portugues is a pretty big barrier sometimes, this week however was the first time I realized how much. Try as I might, I speak like an American. We jokingly decided I should start claiming to be German and try speaking more like the german population of Brasil:) 

Each time something would happened, I recognized more how powerful the adversary is. The adversary knows exactly what to use and he tried really hard this week to affect me. 

So, I started to do the one thing I could think of and of course this was thing is something my momma taught me: Count my many blessings. 

Every day I added up my blessings. Not just one time at the end of the day, but throughout the whole day I consciously looked for the things in my life that were postive and tender mercies. 

One incredible unique experience occured Sunday. While we were walking to an investigators house to walk them to church we called Irma Dina to ask her if one of our recent converts, Gigi (9), had gone to church with her. Unforntunately, no, but she told us that one of our pesquisadores was in there. Now, we thought it was Eleneía, but when we arrived it was a person we hadnt seen since my first week, someone we had invited to church in passing and someone who I had prayed indirectly for the night before. I had asked in my prayer that people would feel the spirit and be directed to visit the igeja. Well, that happened! Today we will be teaching Alexandre and his family. Truly the spirit is so strong here and there is a great work happening in the hearts of the people here. 

Other blessings
1.Irma Andrea made us lasagna and this banana dessert that was too die for delicious!
2. I made it thorough my first division with Sister Treinadores! 
3. Graças a Ele video! I cried. 
4. I made it through my first transfer and I get to stay in Arroio Grande for six more weeks with Sister Knuth! Thank goodness because we have a lot of work to do here! So excited for the next few weeks!

That's all for now! I love you! 
Sister Hemmert

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