Monday, May 16, 2016

Always Sunny in Arroio Grande

This week we went to a conference in Pelotas again! And this time our President was there. I learned so much about how to find people and how to teach. We ended up having to stay in Pelotas all day though because the only bus was at 8:30pm! But I got to try Sweets of Pelotas (they are famous for their sweets). They make this strawberry dipped in chocolate and brigadeiro. I don't know what to call it in english but it is sooo good! We went home after and Sister Knuth taught me how to make it!

Anyways, this week was both difficult and amazing. Because we had many training sessions and our conference we had to change our schedule many times this week. It was hard not to be able to accomplish all of our goals but yesterday we worked really hard to make it up and we ended up talking with 80 people and inviting them to go church! Diligence is my theme of the week! haha

Also, multiple times in the past couple weeks we have met people who are truly golden. For example, we had an investigator who had a pass-all-card and actually called to recieve a Book of Mormon! Because our schedule got messed up we had to push back her second appointment. By the time we went to meet with her, her family was preparing to leave for Jaguarão. But when we asked her how reading o Livro de Mormón was going she immediately said, "I got my answer. I know it's true." Milagres. Her name is Cleonice and she has two little boys. 

Another amazing and inspiring woman is Eleneía. We met her my second week here. We were headed for another appointment when we passed this huge blue house with a garden. Sister Knuth said that she had always wanted to knock here. It was then that I noticed that the door was ajar... and our next appointment fell threw just down the street. So as we passed back by and decided we needed to knock. A young girl ended up coming out and talking with us. We do this thing where we offer prayers (and end up teaching lessons ;) ) for families. The girl was very happy for this because the little boy, Bryon, she babysits here has a problem with his throat. He was born without his lungs and throat connected and so now he has a tube that allows him to breath. He is two and has had dozens of surgeries. Come to find out it is literally a miracle he is off machines. It was literally because of the faith of his mother, Eleneia that he is off the machines. None of the doctors, not a single person believed he would live without them, but she helped him, slowly come off the machines, teaching him to breath on his own. 

Eleneia is amazing. And she truly has so much faith. Everyone told her she need to baptize Bryon because everyone thought he was going to die. But she never felt right about it. She couldn't look at her perfect little boy and see why he, in his innocence, needed remission of sins. We shared with her Morôni 8. And the relief and the joy she had was so evident. Children are alive in Christ. How grand and wonderful. How grateful I am to share this message with this mother. 

She will be baptized in two weeks! These two women are amazing. We just really need them to visit the Church. This will seal their testimonies and make it possible from them to be baptized because we have a rule that invesigators have to go to the church at least 3 times before their baptism. 

Anyways, when it rains it pours here. And by that I mean there are literally blessings pouring out of Heaven for us missionaries here. So grateful for all the love and support. I love you all so much! 

With all my love,  Sister Hemmert

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