Monday, May 23, 2016

A Truly Sacred Authority of God

This week has been very long, but in the best way because we needed every minute of it! We had to visit so many people! 

We have so much support in our ward! I truly love the members here! We have one family of recent converts and they are amazing. Skarlet and Nixon and their baby Arthur. We are teaching Skarlet's mom right now, Janette, and have a date for baptism set on 4/6. Skarlet is 19 and Nixon is 21, so it's really fun getting to know them, people my own age, through missionary work and being able to answer their questions. And they have such incredible questions too! And once we answer them, it is as though they have known it all along in their hearts and immediately feel it is true. We talked yesterday about our Heavenly Parents and our divine purpose, and somewhat about the Priesthood.

The Priesthood has been on my mind a lot recently actually. Saturday morning after reading Our Search For Happiness, during companionship study we shed a few tears discussing our investigators and our families. 

We have this one investigator who is so bright and special. Her name is Bruna and because she is 16 she needs to get permission to be baptized from her mom. She was going to be baptized Saturday but unforntuately, we think her mom convinced her she wasnt ready. It was really difficult because just that morning we had been thinking so much about the power of the priesthood and I wanted more than anything for Bruna to have these ordenances in her life and to someday be sealed in the temple. There is still hope, but we got a message from her and are worried she will tell us she doesnt want to continue. 

But before I tell you about the more joyful part of this week I need to thank you, Dad,for always being worthy of the priesthood, for every blessing I have ever recieved and for all the guidance you give me as my father here on Earth. I'm truly grateful for that and I didnt thank you enough for the blessing you gave me before I left. This power is truly sacred authority of God and I'm so blessed to have such an incredible example of diligence in the service of the Lord. Thank you, Dad.

Anyways, Cleonice has slightly disappeared, but we are trying to catch her when she is at home. We hold out hope!

Eleneía visited church yesterday! Yay! Yesterday morning we stopped by her house before church to remind her, but no one answered. It was then that we realized their garage was open and we thought, "oh no! She's probably already there all alone!" She is super timid and nervous about other people, but she showed up at the church all on her own and was sitting outside the church thinking about leaving when the Presidente's wife, Irma Patricia found her and directed her inside! I really hope she had a good experience! She has such a hard life and just lost her grandma three days ago and her mother two years ago. I really hope she felt peace there, but we didnt get a chance to talk after because she had to race home to take care of Bryon. I'll let you know how she's doing next week!

Funny story. We were in the house of Irma Dina when a friend of her son Tcharles stopped by, Naiter. Probably around 23 and he always participates in Family home evening there. Something happended and Sister Knuth jokingly went to invite him to be baptized, but then she just kept going and actually committed him to be baptized the last Saturday of June! I was like: Ok, this is happening! Ha! We will be teaching him all the lessons in the next couple weeks. Praying he'll be just as receptive as he was when we sneak attack invited him to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized! 

I'm so grateful for everyday here and for my opportunidade to learn so much every day. Every day we are blessed in amazing ways. 

All my love, Sister Hemmert!

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