Monday, May 2, 2016

There Are No Coincidences!

We have a stalker. His name is Jacobe and he is the most annoying dog on the planet. As we speak he is curled up by my computer inside the computer place. He followed us from our house and if he finds us during the day he never leaves us alone! We walk streets out of our way to avoid him!

Sister Knuth hates him. But for some reason, I'm growing a soft spot for him! Grr. Even though he is a terribly annoying golden retriever in desperate need of a bath. 
Anyways, I have 14 minutes to update you on my week! The internet was terrible today! But this week has been incredible. Truly I have loved every minute of it.

One super amazing experience involving prayer. We were teaching this family, Gilson and Cristina, who have these dogs. Sharpees? Or something. Sister Knuth is super scared of dogs because she was bitten by one ON HER MISSION! Anyways, these are pretty fierce looking dogs and one of them goes balistic whenever we come over. Now this couple is amazing and they have this big, beautiful house, but these dogs are terrible! And it takes forever to calm them down so that we can teach. So when we entered their house and sat down the dogs were barking and snarling and I said a quick prayer that they would calm. As soon as I ended my prayer, the dog just stopped. And he just stood there frozen. Gilson had to lift him into the dog bed and still the dog just sat there frozen! Ha! It was so hilarious for me, who could associate this sudden silence with a tender mercy! 

Another thing, I invited a family na Rua the other day to go to church. It was just a simple invitation that we extend to everyone throughout the day. But later that week we were walking home after some appointments and there was this little house that had all the windows and doors open and music was playing. I could see a little kid and a mom dancing in the kitchen area and decided, "we need to talk to them." "I think that's a bar," Said Sister Knuth. "There's a kid in there!" "Okkk..."

Low and behold! It was the same family we had met in the street! There are no coincidences. We found them again for a reason. We'll be teaching them this week. Love you all!
Sister Hemmert and Sister Knuth's apartment

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