Monday, April 25, 2016

I Will Have To Kill A Duck?!!

So this week I learned about three things: Lightening, Rain and Prayer. 

We arrived in Porto Alegre last week and started contacting people right there in the airport! It was awesome. Then I had the craziest driving experience of my life with the Presidente at the wheel. People here are crazy drivers! Lets all add seatbelts to one of the things were grateful for this week! Ha! 
Presidente Cruz and Sister Cruz

After we ate the most delicious meal I've had since being here in Brazil. The CTM was truly cafeteria found in comparison! It was at the Presidente's house which is in the most beautiful area of Porto Alegre. That I've seen that is.

That night we stayed in a fancy hotel! Swan Tower! It was super nice and I took the greatest shower of my life there! Maybe I had just gotten too use to the CTM shower that just drip drip drip when you are trying to get conditioner out of your hair! 

The next day we had classes and field training and right afterwards they sat us all down and starting giving us new companions. The Presidente would dramatically describe our new areas and announce our new companion. Now my Portuguese is getting better, but that day, I had no idea what was going on, but the Presidente was talking right at me, announcing "Arroio Grande!" people were cheering when the redheaded Sister Knuth popped into view and translated the last and most confusing sentence of my life, "You'll have to kill a duck!" What?!?! "Okay...?" I said to my new companion as I tried to figured why I had to kill a duck and if she was actually serious! 

After lunch we headed straight for the bus station and with a 6 hour trip ahead of us we settled in! We didn't arrive until 10:30 and were exhausted! I honestly didn't even see the house.I made my bed and fell right to sleep! 

The morning of my first day in the field we got a call and had to hop on a bus for our district meeting 45 minutes away. Well, unfortunately, we didn't know it was a holiday and we got stuck in another area for 2 hours as we waited for the bus! Nothing was open, but Sister Knuth actually recognized the area so she showed me around. We walked down to the river and stared at Uruguay for a bit. It was so cool! Many people spoke spanish there because they worked or lived in one country or the other. 

Since then it's been raining. And a couple nights ago we had a crazy thunder and lightening storm! Then all through the day there was thunder and lightening! It was crazy! I've never seen anything like it! All day long the sky flashed! 

I've met so many amazing people here! I love the people of the church! And I love our investigators so much!

We have a recently baptized couple, Skarlet and Nixon who have a little baby, Arthur. They are amazing! I truly love them! They are very close in age to us so it's interesting dynamics. The other night we were preparing to go teach them a lesson with the Restoration DVD, but we couldn't find it anywhere! And Sis Knuth remembered that the other Sister companion she had had given it away! All we had was a DVD in spanish and english! We had three options. Come up with a completely different lesson, pray that Nixon and Skarlet receive the gift of tongues and understand English, Or pray that we find the DVD. Now Sister K had given up, but I said a quick "Thy-will-be-done" prayer, moved a piece of paper and noticed a salmon envelope was open with the Restoration DVD sticking out. Thy will be done. 

After our lesson with them they fed us some cake and then they didn't let us stop eating cake. I think I had three slices of cake! And two slices of homemade bread! This is a theme though with every family here! You cant leave a table without at least having seconds 😬  Haha! 

And we ate at a families house the other day, Flavio, and I found out that it was at their house I will have to kill a duck... Pray for me because I just don't think I can. Apparently Sister Knuth couldn't so maybe they wont make me! (Don't tell Sister Degn! She loves even Mosquitos!)

Well I have zero time! Love you!!

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