Friday, April 8, 2016

I have the Lord on my side, because I choose to be on His

Mosquito: send help! I’m being eaten alive! Haha! JK but for reals…

Conference was so amazing! I can’t believe it was last weekend though! The days and weeks are so strange here! I woke up yesterday and it was Segunda and I woke up this morning and it was Pday! Haha! Yet conference feels like it was a million years ago! We watched almost everything on the same day as you, just several hours later! Except for Priesthood and Women’s Conference. On Sunday morning we got up and watched WC and the Elders watched Priesthood. Plus we got to listen to everything in English! It was so wonderful to hear all their voices and truly understand them! Ha! I’ll have to send you pictures of my notes! They are a little mess, but I got like 15 pages of notes! Basically a print out of what was said! In fact, the church is just going to use my notes as the next Ensign…haha!

I honestly loved the talk about helping the refugees also! It was very different for sure though, but very inspired. They are in my prayers for sure. I hear of many people who are helping them adjust and families who are working with them to teach them host languages. It’s so beautiful how people support each other in times of crisis. We truly have a duty to do so. We don’t know anything that is going on in the world right now though. We found out about the Belgium bombings through a Sister a couple weeks ago. It’s both nice and difficult to be cut off from the news.

Our Brazilian roommates left! :( We miss them, but maybe not all the late night yelling –haha! Our new roommates are super sweet though! And so helpful with us! It’s so fun to just converse with people in Portuguese (very, very broken port/ingles on my end but still :) )

Elder Sinsel asked us in devotional yesterday night, “How strong is your testimony?” And it just got me thinking about my own testimony and the worth of souls. We’ve discussed it a lot and one of the greatest aspects of this gospel is that there is always room to grow and chances to do so. Every day I’m trying to focus more on the good and positive things when something bad happens. It’s making me a more patient person and becoming someone better than I am. It’s exciting, and I find I’m not scared. I have the Lord on my side because I choose to be on His. Alma 30:8 Hoje, amanha, e para sempre.

Con amor, 

Sister Hemmert

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