Sunday, April 17, 2016

Forget Myself, and Go To Work!

Journal entry: 

This is the last week in the CTM! So grateful for the Portugues I have learned, but I have a long way to go. For sure. I truly can't wait for the field. Vamos vamos vamos! I just want to get out there and get going! Sister Hawkes calls it, "Feeling Trunky." Which I just figured out to be wanting to pack your trunk to leave! Ha! 

I know my Portugues will grow out of necessity and out of honest effort for my pesquisadors. To think I'll be teaching real people soon! Even when we teach our instructors as they pretend to be Sueli, Maria, Denise, Marcos, or Tiago, etc. I truly love them. Imagine what it will be like when we teach real people! 

I dont even know if I'm scared. I've just decided I have nothing to be scared of. I have everything to look forward to and I couldn't be more grateful! And even if there is a part of me that fears, I decided to take some wonderful advice we all recognize and, "Forget myself and go to work." 

I think it will be hard. In fact, I know it will, but it will be more incredible than anything I have ever done and maybe ever will do. My trust is completely in the Lord and I know that as long as He is my focus, my foundation, I stand on sure ground. 

This work is supposed to be hard, but it is also supposed to be wonderful. And that is what makes it worth it.

We went on splits with Brazilians! My roommate Sister Bezerra was my companion for a day! It was so fun! We planned and taught a lesson together! She is seriously the sweetest! She's like 5 ft. and super sassy! We get go on splits again tomorrow!

Quote of the week: 
"I could get kidnapped and be tortured by terrorists without a word, but as soon as someone tickled me I'd give everything up!" Sister Degn. 
"Yeah, nuclear codes, CIA secrets..." 
"Ve've been vater boarding er vor 40 hours vithout a peep. Try touching her shoulder blade and see vhat happens." Sister Hawkes

São Paulo Temple

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