Monday, June 20, 2016

Come What May and Love It

Let me tell you. Less active member lists are the best! One address was an empty field and one was an abandoned brickstructure and one was a number that didnt exist! haha 

But when we do contact people, it's amazing. Like yesterday for example. I will explain.

This week was crazy. I was cleaning the bathroom and moved the showerhead because it was leaking which apparently was not a good idea because the thing the heats the water is very tempermental...anywhooo. We lost hot water for a week or so... And it turns out not a single person in Arroio knows how to fix our shower. Only Presidente Cruz, in Porto Alegre. Well we called and he explained how to do it and we tried, but we couldnt get the lid to come over the shower head! And trust me, we were twisting it and turning it with all our might (and prayers) and it wouldnt move a milimeter!  We ended up having an interview with Presidente Cruz in Jaguarão with our District thursday evening. Which was really great! We were practicing contacting people in the street when Presidente came into the room. Of course I was the next person and I was soo nervous to speak Portugues in front of Presidente! But I just went for it! Ha! Afterwards, Presidente drove us back to Arroio Grande. This drive is normally 45 minutes by Onibus. Right before we started driving Presidente asked me, "Sem emocione ou com emocione?" Meaning drive fast or slow. Sister Knuth answered sem and I answered com, but after I asked him, "Mas talvez fica neste lado na rua." But maybe stay in this side of the street :) because he was drifting while adjusting his mirrors! 

Então, he ended up making the drive in 20 minutes...I think I'll say without emotion next time! 

When he dropped us off he also fixed our shower in about a minute! I'm pretty sure we loosed the showerhead because it literaly took him a second! And we could not be more grateful because now our shower is almost too hot! ha! 

Saturday I had my first divisão with a member, Jordana 14, because we had too many people to visit and not enough time. And Sister K. needed to walk to "Uruguay" to visit a family, in actuality this location is called the Promorar all the way across the city, over a bridge, in the outlands. Over the river and through the woods kind of situation. 

I ended up finding new investigators all on my own and teaching entire lessons by myself in Portugues! It was so awesome! And seriously Jo and the other member, Kuane, were such blessings. Jo and I were able to stay in the city contacting people and visiting families while Kuane and Sister K visited the family of Nixon and Skarlet(recent converts) in the Promorar (who ended up not even being in casa so imagine if Sister K and I had gone all the way out there only to have wasted a whole day of work!) Seriously Kuane and Jo are the best little member missionarias we could ask for!

Sunday we followed the spirit the entire day. First we went out to the Promorar to visit the same family, Josiemara (mom of nixon), and her other children. Josiemara is amazing! She has such faith and understanding of the scriptures. She is so ready for the gospel! 

Anyways, I dont have time for much else, but I want to leave with you a talk by Elder Wirthlin I read this week called Come What May and Love It. He gives us some amazing advice but one in particular is learn to laugh. Simply put, in our lives no matter what, we need to learn to laugh, we can face any challenge and say, Come what may I will love it. 

I promise you that come what may, our Heavenly Father will help us and hold us up and bless us. Come what may. 

All my love
Sister Hemmert

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