Monday, June 13, 2016

Oops, I got engaged!

This semana. What can I say. 

I'll start with a recap from last week.

(The following story may not be appropriate for all ears..Seriously!)
 Fast sunday we had a huge break the fast at a members house and nearly the whole ward showed up (which isnt hard because they are basically all one family 40ish people). The other day we had lunch at this Irmas house and Sister Knuth said how she doesnt like exotic foods (tongue, intestines, etc.). Well, during this lunch on Sunday we were eating with some of the Irmas and they all started hounding me to try the soup that was being served. Mind you Sister Knuth can refuse because she is a Brazilian and has already tried it in her life and doesnt like it. I'm a little american so I have to try at least once in my life. 

It didnt taste bad, I honestly dont know what it was, but i think I wont be having seconds ever. in my life. again. :) 

Anyways, they were all talking and Irma Roli (owner of the house) and her daugthers (Patricia, Wife of the Branch President, and Chiani, wife of the Branch 1st Counselor I think). about this "foods exotic" concept. Well it turns out Roli thought "exotic" was actually something else...Erotic! Oh my goodness. We were dying because she was saying, "I didn't understand what Sister Knuth meant. Foods with Pimenta?!" And she proceed to really mix up the words and ask another Irma, "So do you like foods erotica? Exotica!! I meant exotica!!" 

This story is for everyone!
Remember Gilson and Cristina? Maybe. The family who has the dogs that I prayed for? Anyways. it's been a little difficult teaching them. Gilson follows through on commitments, but Cristina often doesnt. She likes our visits, but doesnt like that she has actually ask God for answers and read to know it is true. Well, this last visit we explained to her the nature of prayer using the Nosso Pai (Our Father) and other instances of prayers in the scriptures. Explaining how we need to express our own sentimentos and not vain repitions. Pai nos is a beautiful expample of the love Christ has for the Father, but just that. An Example of how we should pray to our Father. When we invited them to pray and ask God if these things our true this time, Cristina answered this time, "Vamos." We will. Without delay. 

We were just leaving when the dogs woke up. Sister Knuth, I might have said, is seriously afraid of dogs. Especially big dogs. Well, she tried to run away, ducking first behind me, then behind Cristina, and I tried to say, "No dont run," but seriously couldnt remember in Portugues when all of the sudden Sister Knuth yelped and I heard a THUMP! 

I looked but didnt see her, looked down and saw that the rug was lifted up a little and looked back and there she was, having tripped on the carpet and landed in the dog bed! "Por favor não me morde!" Please dont bite me! With the dog barking at her! (BTW the dog is blind). We were all laughing ourselves to tears! and Sister Knuth and I laughed all the way home until my head hurt! 

This week we went to Pelotas for the Festival of Dulces! Just kidding! We wish! But we did have a reunião de zona which was great, but we ended up getting locked in the church because the Elders didnt know we were in the bathroom and they left for their lunch with ward members! Ha! We had to call them to come and let us out!

We were visiting Irma Dina this week for lunch and they were all in a rush trying to leave for the festival, so Sister K. and I started to clean their kitchen for her so that she could get ready. Mind you, no one here likes it when we try to do a little service. "Sister, deixa la! Deixa la!" Leave it there, stop! haha 

This time however, as I was sweeping, Irma Dina was talking about her son who is serving a mission in Rio de Janeiro. When she said to me something that sounded like, "Casa e comida, filha." House and food. So I responded, "Sim, Irma." 

She started laughing! Turns out she actually said "Vai casar meu filho?" Will you marry my son?

She has taken to calling me, Nora (daughter-in-law), but has warned me that she has promised many other sisters her sons hand in marriage. Including Sister Marlow of Blackfoot idaho! haha!

What else to say. I gave my first talk in Portugues! We showed up to church and Presidente goes, "Sisters, ready to speak?" Say what!?!? 

So we ran home, grabbed our Liahona's and frantically started writing discursos! I will briefly mention mine.

It was about Escolhas. Choices. Specifically about the talk by Preseident Monson. I love this talk and am so grateful I had an opportunity to hear it in the CTM. This life is truly about our choices. Everything we do has an effect on who we are. Where we want to end up matters. And unlike Alice in Wonderland who didnt have a destination, we do. We want to someday live with our Father in Heaven. And we can. If we continue doing all we can to follow His Son, we will receive eternal life. This is His Promise for Us. Everyday choose the harder RIGHT rather than the easier wrong. 

How I love this work and wish I could tell you every little thing! 
Finally, the other day we were teaching Eleneia when Sister K goes ,"Eleneia, voce quer ser batizado?"


It was so wonderful. Turns out she has watched missioinaries come and go for years and has always wanted to ask them what they are doing. When we knocked on her door my first week here we answered a prayer 20 years in the making. Please prayer for her. She is very dear to my heart!

Sister Hemmert

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