Monday, December 5, 2016

Stand Firm

So I dyed my hair black. Thought it would be a good change. Just kidding! But all this talk of lice is making my head itch!! 

To inform everyone, I'm free of lice! But I have recently found out that I'm in a competition with my BFF Sister Rebecca Gunn to see who can get the worst thing during the mission! Unfortunately, she is winning. My prayers go out to her as she battles the waters of Nicaragua and the lasting side effects.  

Anyways, all is well here in Rio Grande do Sul. We're preparing for winter here...i mean summer! Goodbye white Christmas, Hello Natal Brazilian style. 

We are preparing for our christmas conference that will be arriving this next week. We'll be traveling to Pelotas in style as normal :) Onibus 5:00am. But as for this week, I'm preparing for my 9 month mark!

Half way there! How can it be? Doesn't even seem possible! Its probably passing so quickly because I'm having such a wonderful time!

Sister Abdon got sick this Sunday and so I tried to make us dinner. She is a professional cook so she was instructing me throughout the process. Well, as she said, "Se for só você eu morreria de fome." If it was just you i would die of hunger." haha But I'm learning a lot with her or at least I'm trying really hard not to burn our dinner! haha

This week we got to work with a recent convert from another ward here in Bagé. Cinthia. She is literally amazing! We're trying to get her serve a mission! haha She was baptized just a few months ago with her sister and already has been such a great help here. She has such a desire to help and serve and has such a testimony to share! She explained how her and her sister were always challenging the other to be baptized, challenging and encouraging. In every visit with her I felt honored as a missionary to be able to not only help a pesquisador but also a recent convert grow. 

We are entering the Christmas season and ending another year. It is strange to think that we are entering 2017! 

Anyways, i recently reached the middle of 3rd Nephi!! Im so excited. I'll be finishing o livro de mormon before the New Year! Wanted to share with you all a few verses that i loved in 3 Nefi 14: 24-27 For the Christmas season, as we build our homes upon this gospel, that is a true gospel, we will always stand firm against the storm! 

Com amor, Sister Hemmert 

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