Monday, December 19, 2016

Feliz Natal

We received an email from Sister Hemmert's mission president requesting a video for them to show all the missionaries during their special Christmas Conference. This was such a fun surprise for our girl and her weekly email and response is below:

This week was amazing! Though I don't have much time I want to say that I love you all and I love Natal! It's super super hot but super, super great!
This week we had our Christmas conference in Pelotas. The Sisters from Dom Pedrito arrived the night before and we all hung out doing our nails and my hair at the wee hours 10:30! haha Had to wake up 5:00 to get ready and take a van to Pelotas with our district. 

We had an amazing time! Did a skit with our district that was hilarious! One day I'll have to show it to you all but let me tell you, our presidente only laughed during ours! haha jkjk....but serio;) If it was a competition... 

I had the incredible opportunitity to see my family dancing as the silly family they are! Afterwards everyone told me how they loved my family! haha!! :) I love them too! They're pretty great.

I'm so grateful for this time that we have. This time of year is so amazing. It's a time to start over, a time to change, and a time to remember why our Lord and Savior was born. And I know that he was sent for each and every one of us. This is a time of miracles. A time of laughter and love and thought short on time I want to invite you all to remember during this time, our Lord. And as the Shepherds in Luke, feel the Glory of Deus, leave everything behind, and entrar the humble stable where lies our Lord. Leave behind the worries of this past year and place your New Year in His hands. Remember Alma 7: 10-12

Wish you a happy Christmas! 
Sister Hemmert
Practicing for our skit


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