Monday, November 7, 2016

Jejum (Fasting)

The weeks are flying by! I can hardly believe its already November! Soon it will be Dezembro and you know what that means?? 9 months da missão!! How can it be?

This week, though so fast, was amazing. I wish I could film every moment to send home so that you can live what I live and experience what I experience. So many blessings. I'm learning so much and gaining an appreciation for the scriptures that I never had in my life. But also, I starting to feel every day more the hand of the Lord guiding my steps.

Normally we don't have time to hear the classes in Relief Society or Princípios do Evangelho (Gospel Doctrine) because we are out bring our pesquisadores and MAs to church. This week we didn't have anyone who could, and had to trust in the Lord that someone would.

We were sitting in the Relief Society listening to the RS Presidente Helouisa lesson about A Mulher Santo Dos Últimos Dias (A Latter Day Saint Woman). And the first thought in my head was my mom. I am truly grateful for her example in my life. We discussed how some people are, "Sentados nos Ultimos Dias (Seated in the latter days). They let this life pass by and expect blessings to fall in front of them.

For me, my mom is an example of a Latter Day Woman. She is a "guerreira" (warrior) and one of the hardest workers I know. She goes after what she wants and what her family needs. I am so grateful for her. 

Yesterday I was with a Young woman from the ward teaching Suzanne. She has 4 little kids under the age of 12 and her boyfriend has 15 years less active. She really wants to be baptized but Cristiano doesnt want to get married. And yesterday before we arrived Social workers passed her house because someone had reported her as a possible unfit parent. 

I cant help but see her and her family and think of how blessed my life is and how much I desire for Suzanne to have these blessings for her life. She fights everyday to feed her family and care for them. 

I ended up sharing with her Mosias 4:14-15. And promising for her that she will receive everything she needs to do exactly what she needs to to care for her children and to establish her family over a firm foundation that is Christ.  

This week we also had an activty with the youth. It was super awesome! We set up a bunch of minute to win it it games for them! I need to have one of young women post on Facebook and tag me so that you can see all that we did! 

Afterwards, we challenged every single youth to fast. Some of them for the first time and Sunday morning almost every single one of them shared their testimony about the experience they had. It was super great to see how they are growing and becoming more involved in the work of the Lord!

How sweet is the work.
Com amor,
Sister Hemmert

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