Monday, November 14, 2016

Fruits of our Labors

Sister Abdon holding Pitanga -I don't like this very much but it is super pretty fruit! haha!
Maracuja do Mato
I'm staying in Bagé! 

This week was amazing! A week of miracles and exotic fruits! haha! I sent a bunch of pictures of all the fruit we've been finding these days! I hope you'll get them all! My companheira eats everything, and i mean everything that grows here! We've found hortelã (mint) and Oliveira and started making tea every morning! And anytime we pass a house with fruit in the yard we share with the owners what we have of "mais importancia" (the gospel) and they share with us what they have (fruits) kkk :)

It's been amazing serving here in Bagé and this week has topped them all. I forgot that I had an aniversario this week! 8 months! Can you believe it!? I doesn't feel like its almost Christmas but everyone is already decorating here! I super excited to spend my first Christmas in a warmer climate! And by warmer i mean boiling! haha The exact opposite of a white Christmas!

The weather here reminds me a lot of home to be honest. It's very bipolar! We experience every season in one day! I will never complain about the cold though, because I think I'll be begging for it come summer! 
This month we have a goal to baptize 5 people for every dupla de missionaries (20 in all). We've been working MUITO (much), to find these people who are waiting and ready to accept the gospel. 

This week we found so many people amazing! I can't remember if I told you about Daniel yet, but he is a student here studying in Bagé. He entered the church website the other day, started researching and deciding to ask for a Book of Mormon. We received the referencia from the Mission Home and headed off in pursuit of him! We didn't have time to leave a message with him the day that we encountered Daniel, but when we returned a few days after he already had read the pamphlet about the Resturação, the introduction of the LDM and the first chapter of Nephi! And he had a bunch of questions! 

This Sunday, a recent convert, Emerson, gave us a helping hand and brought Daniel to church. And guess what?? He sang every single hymn! Not kidding. Normally, Pesquisadores stay really quiet during the hymns. Nope! 

But I think it was really because this Sunday was the Primary Prensentation! We don't have many people active in our ward and those who are don't have many primary age kids, but one of the girls, Marjori, invited all of her friends to participate in the apresentação! Most of the primary kids were pesquisadores! haha It was adorable!

Normally we only have 40-ish people in the sacramental, but this sunday there were 72 peoples! and 10 pesquisadores! You would think with more people there would be more noise. But no. It was the most spiritual sacrament meeting I have yet had in my mission! I could not me more happy.  

And just to finish here. Saturday we received our transferencias. Sister Abdon was transferred for another lugar (place). I was really sad, because I loved serving with her. It was almost 10:30 when we got the call so I hopped in the shower real quick before bed. 
When I was done she informed me that 2 minutes after she had been transferred our Presidente called and said that he had decided that after all she should NOT be transferred! 

Looks like we have something important to do here! The Lord wants us here so here is where we'll stay! Here is where we'll work! The field is white and ready in Bagé! 

So excited! 
Much love! Sister Hemmert

Jabuticaba Tree and Fruit

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