Monday, June 19, 2017

The Rains Came Down!

This week was one to be remembered. We are entering winter here and to just explain to you how is Rio Grande do Sul, last week we used everything warm that we own and this week it warmed up so much that we almost used sandals. It was beautiful until arrived Sunday afternoon and the grey thunder clouds rolled in! 

We were preparing during the whole week for a Ward Project on Sunday. Here in our Ward we have about 700 members on the record. But just 120-150 are active. So that our ward can be qualified with the correct number of High Priests per person we have to clean out 370 records. 

So, we planned everything. We marked with all the members and all the missionaries from our zone. Planned splits, printed maps, and Sunday afternoon we hit the streets to find out if these people still live in these addresses and to see if we can find new people wanting to hear about the gospel. 

We arrived drenched. Everyone shivering. But happy! Though the rains came down and the floods came up the ward members came through and worked together for our ward! We dont know the results yet but we are well on our way to forming a Stake here!

Its a wonderful work. I cant believe that I'm helping to form Stakes! Truly I'm working in the Lord's Kingdom.

How grateful I am!

Sister Hemmert

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