Monday, August 22, 2016


Headed for the beach! #RioGrandeTche 

Can you believe it has almost been 6 months! Where does the time go! I'm leaving the cozy town of Arroio Grande and headed for the wild side of Rio Grande. I'll get to eat lots of fish apparently so I'm hoping that my previous preferences in relation to food has changed, like with many things here. For example, I love tomatos now. Cant get enough. So hopefully, fish also! haha

It was seriously a great 6 weeks with Sister Pereira. She is headed for Porto Alegre to get her new companion and be a treinadora.

Oh! I'll be in Rio Grande with Sister Knuth! My treinadora! She will be in the same zona and maybe even distrito with me! 

This weekend was crazy in Arroio. Eveyone there lovesss politics. And every Politician has a car that drives around the city blasting music for their campaign. We entered Irma Dinas house a few days ago singing the music of one of these politicians and she almost kicked us out because she doesnt like this party! haha Not seriously, but for reals.. 

Skarlet (Recent Convert) even wants to be a Candidate one day. Her mom made up a jingle for her (which, I'm sorry, is terribly hilarious but super catchy. So the whole time we'd been getting ready or walking to a visita we would start singing, "Mulher da Fé, Mulher da Fé" and make up new lines every time.) 

So Sister Pereira and I decided that this next transferencia will be incredible because literally every force in the universe was against us leaving Arroio Grande today! haha 

I received my transfer Saturday night and started packing. Sunday morning we had a Stake Conference in Pelotas. Our whole Branch left on a Unibus early in the morning because Pelotas is two hours away. It was crazy. People kept showing up until the very end! Sister Pereira and I ended up giving up our seats for a family and went in search for more chairs because there were probably 50 people standing in the back of the conference. 

Afterwards I gave my suitcases to Sister Marlow and we returned to our area to work. We tried desperately to visit people, but because of a Political parade or something no one was at home! Everyone was in the center of the city. We ended up inviting a bunch of people and returning to Irma Dina´s for a family home evening. 

Our plan was to leave for Pelotas 6:45 pm
But Sister Pereira received news from da Presidente that she would be a trainer and I would be opening an area. So she had to pack her bags for four days of travel. 

Turns out, Sunday only has one Onibus run at 9:10pm and would arrive in Pelotas 11:00pm! Yikes!

We were told by our leaders that we could leave the next morning and arrive in time for the Van headed for Porto Alegre becauase it would leave in the afternoon. But this seemed wrong, because normally it leaves in the morning because the drive is 10 hrs! 

Turns out the Van would leave 8:00am, but our Onibus would only arrive 8:30! 

It was crazy but they said that if we could arrive before 8:45 Sister Pereira would make it (because in truth the mistake was theirs..,.)

It was pure craziness! 

Everyone was telling us wrong information and they even told us that we would have to leave our area directly for Porto Alegre 8:10 in the morning, which would mean I would go to Porto Alegre with Sis. P and sleep for 10 hrs and return in the Van, but turns out our area doesnt even have a 8:10 for Porto Alegre! 

Are you confused yet? Because we were seriously confused. And ended up doing exactly what we had planned to do from the beginning and leave in the morning, knowing that the van is always late! haha 

Pure craziness. 

Sister Pereira and I were laughing, trapped in our area, this next transfer will literally have miracles because seriously, it was nearly impossible to leave Arroio! 

How I will miss Arroio! I loved it there so much! The members are seriously amazing and I've had so many wonderful experiences! 

I'm in Pelotas now spending a P-day with the sisters here. One of the coolest parts about a Dom do Linguas is that I can talk with Americans in Português and in inglês! We'll be talking and talking and completely understanding each other in Português! I was chatting with an LTS Sister Hilton from Wisconsin and it was so hilarious. She would be talking and switch to ingles imitating the accent de pessoas in Utah and Wisconsin. 

Anyways, dont have much time but I love you! So excited to see my new area! 

All my love, Sister Hemmert 
Here is a more detailed map of Sister Hemmert's first area- Arroio Grande (on the map as Arrojo Grande) and now transferring to the coastal area of Rio Grande. Can you spot them? :)

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