Monday, August 1, 2016

How Plastic Shoes Saved My Life: A Short Story, by a Sister in Brazil

So let's start by singing, 

Miracles happen once in while...(#princessdiariessoundtrack)

So, I can't remember if I talked about Cassiel. I think I did.

Anyways, Cassiel is really, really dear. Last week we were teaching his mom and him and sometimes other people that live in their house. "Sometimes," because there are always people passing through, sitting, listening, leaving, coming back. It's a little diasterous for a lesson, because, well, in order to teach we need the Spirit. 

So we starting teaching in the church and the difference was incredible. Cassiel really and truly knows everything. He studied and learned every lesson in a week and was interviewed Friday morning. Before the Elderes arrived to interview him we called Cassiel to remind him to meet us at the Church. During this phone call Sister Pereira asked him if he studied and prayed to prove it :) "Who was José Smitch?" Cassiel: "A prophet of God."

He was baptized this Saturday and confirmed Sunday Morning! 

All my Love
Sister Hermeth (This is how our Branch President wrote my name the other day. But I perfer how Roli thought my name was: Hamster (in portugues) haha) 

PS. Saddly I dont have any time but I will quickly tell you that it is a good thing the church is true and that missionarios have protections because while the water was warming in the Baptismal "Pool" Sister Pereira put her hand in the water and I merely touched with my fingertips .. Only to realize after that the warming thing was in the water. So basically it was live wires... "uuhh..Sister, eu acho que nos não pudemos fazer isso."  

PPS Everyone could not believe we were alive.

PPPS We thought it was because we had decided to use Plastic shoes and had protection espiritual

PPPPS So that Nana doesnt have a heartattack, Turns out Irmao Cleomar explained that it is actually because the warmer is just like the one in our shower and is some kind of thing that wont shock people when they get in the shower. So em verdade, nothing bad could have happened! I think... 

All my love and promises to be more careful :0 
Sister Hemmert

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