Monday, August 15, 2016

A Better Life

Today we were walking to the library and I randomly I looked at my companion and said, "Sister, eu estou em Brasil!" E she said more or less, you're wierd:) haha Seriously. I love Brasil. I love this area and the people here. I love Portuguese, and I love that I can communicate with people here! I can talk with Missionaries from the States in Português! How crazy! We had a Zone Conference this week and it was really awesome! We had to travel to Pelotas again and stay with Sister Marlow (from Blackfoot) and her new companion, Sister Assis. It was so cool to be able to really have a conversation with an American, but in Português! Ive reached a point where I'm beginning to forget ingles. Sometimes I'll be saying a phrase or scripture I use a lot in English and the ingles will slip out and Sister Pereira will just laugh, but when I try to speak English, its nearly impossible. 

It's pretty funny to tell the truth. We  were visiting Skarlet this week and her little baby boy is so adorable! Whenever I talk he starts talking too and bouncing. He is very smitten! haha Its the accent I think! But afterwards everyone wanted me to say something in english so i recited our address for them, "I live on 8116 Sunnyside Rd...." 

Everyone was like, "Wooww! How cool! What did you say?" 

They just like me for my language ;) 

Anyways, we made a cake for Fathers Day here. Chocolate with Orange Juice! It was perfect! Made with love. We put it in the fridge and when we woke up it was a wonderful representation of the Grande Canyon! haha Oh well! Tasted great and thats all that really matters! haha!

It's starting to warm up here! We might be entering spring soon! 

This last week we were trying to find people to teach when we passed a house and saw a person inside. Both Sister P and I thought, I want to try this house, and before we had come up to the door the woman, Isis, met us in the front. We started talking with her and turns out her husband has been really sick and they've been praying for something to help them. We've started teaching them and this week our second lesson with them we taught them about a Word of Wisdom. José has a problem with his heart and so he doesnt drink or smoke, but still he loves coffee, and Isis smokes. After we taught them José said, "Ill have to stopping drinking coffee then." 

To help them we went out and bought sugar free halls for Isis(diabetic) and Cervada for José (Its like a fake coffee everyone drinks here. It's really good. But we couldnt find the good brand and the one we did find did not smell good at all! It was horrible and both Sister Pereira and I were like, I dont even think prayer will help this stuff! 
But, We returned the next day and they had bought Cervada! And turns out they were liking it! (They had tried it one time before and hated it! But now they like it!!) 

Now we are working with Isis so that she can stop smoking. 

This family is really lovely and I am truly excited to help them progress in the gospel. If you can just keep them in your prayers I would really appreciate it! 

Also, Sister Pereira is a recent convert. She had her 2 year anniversary this week! Her parents aren't members but they started to receive visits from missionarios this week! If you could pray for them and Sister Pereira also I know she would appreciate it!

This week was super long but really great! SO greatful for all the support and love I have. I received the letters from the Family Renuion! So feliz! Also um card from the Relief Society! Tell them thanks for me! And tell Ingrid I understood every word!  Tell Alex also that my companion is impressed with his português!

Anyways, I want to leave with a scripture I really loved this week in Ether 12:4  "Through our faith and our efforts we can, with certainty, hope for a better world, a better life." 

All my Love, Sister Hemmert! 

Ps. I visited a Cementério this week! It was super old and super cool! It had all these super old Sepulcres and the gravestones had the signatures of the people! 

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