Monday, May 8, 2017

Mother's Day

Once more I took the long trip to Porto Alegre just to go back home tomorrow! haha 
One more Leadership Counsel (3 more to go até casa!! Não Acredito!) 

Though, because of the journey, I dont have much time. So, I want to express my love for a few people and remind you all of a very important day.

Sunday, is not going to be just a day that I will talk with my family (woohoo!) but it is a day to thank our Father in Heaven for the mother´s we have. I, for one, am so grateful for my mom. She taught me, and teaches me, who I want to be. She is an example of a virtuous woman. She lives the gospel and seeks the Lord and shows me that I can to. 

During this weekend I want to invite you all to remember these wonderful examples we all have. But I also want to invite you all to pray with me for another family who´s mom recently was baptized, who´s son is serving in Brasil. Maria, is a recent convert. Her two son´s are members of the church since primary age. One is a Stake President and one, Elder Lima, is serving a full-time mission in Juiz de Fora. Claudinei, is the only one that is not baptized. He has decided to wait until his son returns to be baptized. But as we know, the goal is the temple. So, today we got in contact with Elder Lima and invited him to invite his dad to be baptized in two weeks. So that they can all go to the temple when he comes home from the mission!

Please pray for this family so that they can recieve this blessing!


I want to just say thank you so much to everyone that is helping me so that I can strenghten my faith here on the mission, especially, my momma. Love you so much momma! Until Sunday! 


SIster Hemmert

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