Monday, April 17, 2017

Rain Boots and Miracles!

Well, this week didn't stop. Not even for a second. I can't explain to you why. This was supposed to be the most delayed week of them all! 

Let me just tell you everything that happened

Last week I bought rainboots. Like super cute black rainboots with a white strap because my new area is just rain and sand and mud. 
Monday we were walking around the Center of Pelotas when I looked down and saw that one of the straps was missing! Oh No
We looked everywhere! We repeated every pathways every sidewalk every store that we entered! It was nowhere to be found! 

I just kept praying. Porque? Como? Por favor..
Sister Ampuero needed to buy boots because she's headed home. So we went back to the store where I bought my boots the other day. 

Prepare yourself. This is when the miracle happens.

The woman who was in the doorway when we arrived started to help us find boots for Sister A. She then started to tell us that her cousin was serving a mission in the north. As a non member she thought this was super cool! It was this moment that she noticed my poor boots. In her surprise she told me that maybe, just maybe, they had an extra strap in the store room! She would sneak back there and see!

I was praying directly at this moment.

By the time Sister A. was finished buying her boots I had almost lost hope. As we were leaving who stopped us in the doorway??? Um Anjo na Sapataria! The angel in the shoe store with a new boot strap!

Tender mercies. I wrote out a thank you note and left it with the sercurity guard for her. Inviting her to visit the church when she could. 

One lesson that I learned. The Lord hears our prayers. Even the simplest plea He hears and understands. It's more likely that today in this world we will lose much more than a shoe strap from a new boot. But it is just another promise that even with the little things He answers and even using us to talk with the stranger in the shoe store to invite her to church. 

He gives us chances and opportunities in our trials to help others. As we know our Savior came not to save Himself, but to save us. 

This week I bounced from area to area in Bagé. I traded companheiras every single day trying to help every single Sister that I encountered in the process. As I said a few weeks ago, I'm in charge of Bagé (which has three areas, Bagé, Laranjeiras, e Dom Pedrito. Also I'm in charge of Arroio Grande and Gotuzzo.) If you remember from my mission history these are all areas that I've served in and visited. To make matters even better, Sister Agurto, Sister Pereira, and Sister Aranha are in these areas. The only companions from the field who I'm not taking care of are headed home or already at home! So this week I basically relived my mission! 

Let me tell you though. It wasn't cheap! Bagé is a good 4 hours from Pelotas and Dom Pedrito is another 2 hours! Thankfully a mission pays for everything, but because of the Holiday the prices and bus schedules that we had planned were totally wrong! The money that I was given was completely different from the total. But I learned this week how to save money and plan better. The money stretched and finally the buses arrived and everything went better than planned. 

The Lord always has a better plan. 

For example, today we were headed to the Internet Place to talk with you all, when we arrived it was full! Like bursting with gente. So we had to decide, wait or go walking in the shops. We decided to pass by the stores. As we were there, someone called our name, "Sisteres!"

The young mens leader from another ala called us over and explained that a woman just on the other side of the bench had just lost her father. We got to chat with her for just a minute and offer to pass by her house if she liked. 

As I said, the Lord always has a better plan. And His plan is perfect. 

He planned and organized every single part so that we can live better than we live today. So that we can be better than we are today. So that we can find blessings in the little things and strength in the greatest act in history. 

Christ lived. He suffered. He was rejected and hated and hurt. The world, because of unrighteousness judges Him as something, someone without value. The world rejects Him and hates Him and Hurts Him everytime that the world rejects and hates and hurts us. But in His steps we are changed. Because He already suffered. And we know that He suffered so that we dont have to. 

I know that He died, but I know that He lives and I worship O Cristo Vivo. 
The Living CHRIST.

He is the King of Kings. The Prince of Peace. He calms the waters and cures the sick and broken of heart. Seek Him. & You. WILL. Find. 

My testimony,

Sister Hemmert

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