Monday, July 11, 2016

We are in need of Prayers

The more I'm out in the field the more I treasure our home and family. I'm so grateful I have this time to serve and adventure and be an example for Britton and Colby. It's seriously such a unique experience. Everyday I encounter new people with new problems, but the root of their problems always can be traced back to one thing: a lack of the gospel. 

I notice how everyone is trying to make their way and figure out their lives and sometimes I meet people who are just simply trying to survive day to day. This world is unpredictable. Yesterday we had sunshine and today we have rain. But there is always one constant. One thing that doesn't change and doesn't need to adapt like we do one day to the next. And that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. This constant was set long before we were all born, but everyday I see how the same message, the same lesson, helps so many different people.

This week our Presidente challenged us to test the force of kneeling in humble pray. And goodness, this week our Pai Celeste made miracles. I remember the Fellowship of the Unshamed when it says, "I'm done with smooth knees." 

Saturday Sister Knuth got a call that she was going to be transfered! We'd been waiting to hear this news and knew it was coming because I finished my training! I'm still a little caterpilar but soon i'll be a butterfly! After hours of packing, our conversas na rua (invites in the street kinda) were really low. We needed to talk to at least 34 people and we had less than 30 minutes until Irmão Flavio would arrive to take us to the Rodoviária (Bus Station). Yikes! 

So, we knelt in prayer. 

I'm not kidding, the entire city was in the street! We invited more than 55 pessoas in 15 minutes! It was insane. The Lord truly opened the windows of Heaven and poured out His blessings upon us! 

Last night we stayed in Pelotas with Sister Marlow and Sousa. And today I recieved my new companheira!! Sister Perreira! And so far I love her! She has 6 months na Missão. I will be showing her the area for the next 6 weeks and afterwards I'll probably be transfered to another area. The problem is I love this area! Sister Knuth joking said she would superglue herself to a light post and refuse to leave, but I just might actually do this! haha! 

This area has so much potential. So much work and growth can happen here and so many fubecas passed through our missão in all. We are in desperate need of leaders. Our Presidente truly turned our missão around, but this transferencia 20 missionaries finished their missions (Yay!) but only 6 missionaries arrived! So, for anyone who reads this. We are in need of some prayers. Please send missionaries to Porto Alegre Sul! The force of kneeling.

Also, please add to your Prayers the Presidente Vagner and Family (do Ramo) here in Arroio. And Irmãos Cleomar and Diná. These families are truly amazing and are passing through some difficulties at this moment. Our area in general needs some prayers. 

Finalmente, Josiemara. She is very close to being baptized, but her whole family really needs support. 

Oh and Lucia! Our recent convert! 

Ok. Dont have much time! 
Love you all! 
Sister Hemmert   

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