Monday, July 18, 2016

The Ice Cube Serving in Rio Grande do Sul

Wow. This semana literally flew by! And I mean that very literally because we had tons of wind this week! We were walking downhill the other day and felt like we were climbing Everest in skirts and rainboots;) 

So I'll start by saying Sister Pereira is awesome. We spent the week meeting members and pesquisadores and sharing alegria with everyone we met! 2 Néfi 2:25 

It is really cool to see how different people teach and interact and this week really tested me while also demonstrating how much I have grown. 

As I kind of explained, our missão, POA, has a great need for leaders right now. Before Presidente Cruz there was a lot of "fubecagem." Ou seja, a lot of bad missionarios. 

So one thing really apparent in our mission is the equality and responsibility. Everyone has a responsibility. Everyone has a purpose. 

One thing very interesting Sister Pereira and I were discussing this week was the fact that we almost have the same amount of time na missão and how this tempo we have is very small in comparasion to other missionarios. We have a huge area with, honestly, many problems, but we have an opportunity to help this area because it has potential. We were discussing Alma 56:46+ We might be 'young' in mission tempo, and we might be the only companionship in our area, but we do not fear the path we have choosen. We have a responsibilty and we are not alone. 

With my treinadora, Sister Knuth gone :(  for Rio Grande, I realized how much I learned in the last 12 weeks. The training is over. My companion doesn't speak ingles, but something really awesome happened: I speak Português. So who needs ingles anyways? :) 

Yesterday night we had Family Home evening at Irma Dina's with her Daughter-in-law / Recent Convert Michele, and their friends, Fabricio and Jessica, who we have been teaching. It was so much fun to visit with them and Michele made a cake for my 4 month mark! (Did I tell you that the reason we are praying for their family is because Irmão Cleomar cut his big toe almost totally off while cutting wood?? With a chainsaw! YIKES! But he is doing better now!  When they were in the ambulance heading for Porto Alegre the Police ended up stopping them and confiscating the ambulance for two bank robbers that had been shot. Irma Dina and Cleomar had to leave the ambulance and wait of the side of the road in a police car until another ambulance came! Yes. This seriously happened.

Anyways. I ran out of time but I love you all! Please pray for the members here in Arroio Grande and for the Missionarios of Porto Alegre Sul! 

All my Love. XOXO
Sister Hemmert, 
The ice cube Serving in Rio Grande do Sul. 

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