Friday, March 25, 2016

The Lord Can Make Your Weaknesses Strengths

WEEK 3- CTM, São Paulo, Brazil
Campinas Temple, Brazil
My district is amazing! Truly. I love each and every one of them! And my roommates are hilarious! But they leave on tuesday because they're Brazilian and they only stay 3 weeks not 6 (I'm honestly very grateful for these six weeks. I need them for sure!)

Today we had real meatballs and mash potatoes like from IKEA for lunch! Ahh! It was like being home! It was so wonderful. Every time we've thought we were being served mashed potatoes it ended up being this strange corn flour mush or something... To be honest we are still not sure what was in it... haha! But today, it was real. And oh my was it a blessing in disguise. You know that thing I was say about the Lord providing? Apparently today a simple mercy was granted haha! And prayer works, trust me! I literally lose my lunch card every day and whenever I pray, I find it in a minute! 

Brazil is sooo beautiful! And the language! It's like music…that I can't understand-ha! Except today, we went to the Sao Paulo temple and I didn't even need headphones. Yay! It was so awesome! Truly and surely this is not my own knowledge that has led me to learn so quickly. I still have a long way to go and it can be discouraging occasionally when I have no idea what is going on.. At that point we just nod and smile and make our eyes widen as if we totally understand and wait for them to say something that makes sense haha! I think they know when we have no idea what is going on though! haha! I was reading in Moroni 10 the other day though and it was exactly what I needed to hear! It was talking about how the Lord will give us gifts specifically that of
tongues and the gift of tonuges. I'd been stuggling a lot with understanding and it's sometimes hard to know what to study in order to learn the language or prepare lessons for investigators but when I read that, it was like have a weight lifted off my chest. I think I just realized Im not going to be perfect in the language by my third week and definetly not by my sixth, but that's ok. The Lord will provide. As long as my focus is on my investigators and on my purpose as a missionary, then I will recieve whatever is necessary from the Lord in the very hour of my need. The Lord can make you weaknesses strengths if you only turn to him!

Ok I gotta go... LOVE YOU! sooo Much. To the moon and more!
XO Sister Hemmert

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