Thursday, March 17, 2016

CTR- Come Thou Righteous, Return to Christ

WEEK 2- CTM, São Paulo, BRAZIL

It is wonderful here! Truly! My district is incredible and my companion is a blessing! She speaks fluent ingles and spanish so she is picking up portuguese very quickly and being a great help to, a little American from Oregon. Everyone asks, "De onde voce?" When I answer Oregon the common answer is, "oh..uh..Muito Bom!" But when my companion says Texas everyone responds! Haha! Everyone knows Texas!

So my P day is actually on friday's but first week missionaries don't have a p-day:( However, we have a General Authority coming tomorrow so our P day was moved to today! We went to the Sao Paulo Temple! It was amazing! It has stained glass everywhere so that the sun can shine right in! 

In a bit we are going to go out of the CTM for the first time and across the street. Apparently there is a place that you can get a cookie for surviving your first week! We can also send photos from this place, which is something we can't do in the CTM. Just to let you know. I can send photos in the field but none through the CTM computers. Other missionaries use this cookie place though! Apparently they scan letters to email to your families also! Ill look into it!

Presidente Grahl and his wife are so sweet! Sister Grahl stopped me the other day, and mind you she doesn't speak much english, but she grabbed my arm and goes, "I LOVE your dress!" Obrigada!! (Blue and white stripped dress, Piperandscoot. haha) It was so sweet! 

That picture was seriously the most hilarious thing! We all had just gotten here after 24 hours of travel and the first thing they had us do was take mug shots for the police and then pictures with the Presidente. I don't know that Elder well because he is in another district but I think the fact that all the other Elders stand at the same height in a perfect line makes his height seem even greater! We were actually just looking at that picture and all laughing! Almost everyone on my side of it are in my district except for one of the Elders, our district leader, Elder Sinsel. If I remember right he is standing next to the tallest Elder... Maybe

Our district is always laughing! Possibly because we don't understand portuguese. Possibly because Sister Hawkes is comedian. I pulled out my Essential Oils the other day and offered them to her: "So many LDS people us those! False prophets of the medicine world. Here put this oil on your head. Uh..oh..thanks, I'll just take an excedrin." 

Or we were doing this portuguese assignment a couple days ago on progressive tense and Elder Batchelor said, "sister hawkes tell us a joke."

Sister Hawkes: "This assignment.." 

But really we all love it so much! 

And the language is beautiful! We have Brazilian roommates who are so sweet! And loud! Sister Recla and Bento. Sister Recla sings american songs constantly and when we first met her she flipped her hair and goes, "I'm Beyonce." (She looks like the Brave princess Merida though.) And that's about as much english as she can speak other than when she is singing. But once she learns more English she is going to go play Volleyball for BYU"

We have these lessons with instructors that pretend to be investigators. One is named Sueli. It is so strange because we have truly been teaching her and truly LOVE Sueli even though we know she is Irma Cassiano.... And she actually had to leave to take care of her Pai but we got her to commit to baptism and it was incredible! The real Sueli was baptized a few years ago! Yay!

To leave on a spiritual note Elder Batchelor said something truly profound the other day: CTR is not Choose the Right. It's Come thou Righteous Return To Christ." I think that has just stuck we me so much! It was what I needed to hear. 

We are so blessed to be here and I am honestly so grateful for these people. Everyone WANTS to be here. We want to serve. We're excited to serve and there is a reason we are here. I love you all. 

Love from Brazil,
Sister Hemmert

Hopefully I answered everyones questions! So little time! XOXO

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